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Audition notice for the Harry Strange Radio Drama Season Three

Harry Strange is a weekly radio drama stylized on the classic radio dramas of the 40s and 50s playing against a contemporary backdrop. It tells the tale of a private investigator whose beat takes him into the supernatural. Set in the town of Night Falls, Harry fights demons, elder gods, vampires and the occasional renegade priest. Wehave won four awards including the 2012 “Best Regularly Scheduled Program;” “Best of Fest” award-2012 Broadcast Education Association; winner of the 2011 College Broadcasters, Inc. award for “Best Regularly Scheduled Program,” and third place “Best of Show.” Currently, we air on KSU Owl Radio (Kennesaw State) and Rumsey Retro Radio AM 1580 (Rumsey, Alberta)

Table reads and recording sessions take place on Sundays (10-3 ish) at Kennesaw State University. If you are a local performer you must attend the table read for your episode. We will be recoding on Sundays Jan-March 2013.

Currently, compensation is in credit and samples.

Deadline: January 10, 2013

Preferences are for local (Atlanta/Cobb) area performers, but all actors will be considered.


¥ Mp3 at 44.1Khz 128 bit rate
¥ Record each line separately
¥ Label as follows: your name_character_line#.mp3
¥ Send as a zip to harrystrangeauditions@gmail.com

In the email please include the following:

¥ Your real name
¥ Credits
¥ Location
¥ Phone/Skype
¥ Willingness to perform in front of a live audience (not a requirement, just a nice to know)

Character reads:

Old woman (Female 60s+) (Featured (May be more than one episode))
(Italian accent)
Line # 1: Bless me Father for I have sinned. It’s been one week since my last confession.

Line #2: My son’s tramp wife visited me this week. That woman has placed some type of spell on him–she’s evil, Father.


Father Rizzo (Male 40s+) (Featured (Multiple episodes)

Line #1: (APPALLED) What kind of monster does this?

Line #2: I am going to take the beast out of you, my dear. Just a slice….a piece….wait…this can’t be…no no!

Monsignor Pulaski (Male, Distinguished, 50s) (Featured (May be in more than one episode)

Line 1: Oh, it’s hot, though not the way you imagine. The 1600s was the last time a..supernatural being was able to access the Akashic records. A poor family from Uxbridge, England made a deal a minor enchanted, Valitro, to answer a question using the records. In exchange, Valitro could have the first born female child from the next 15 generations. Valitro, a child rapist before he was stoned to death and joined the service of the Mornigstar, readily agreed. He astrally projected himself into the Library and was able to telepathically send the message to the patriarch of the family. Within minutes, Valitro began screaming. His eyes melted in his head and his flesh began to bubble and turn brown. On the other end, the patriarch’s head exploded in front of his surprised family. His death was instant. Valitro burned for centuries before Sheeva allowed him to go to the eternal, godless, death.

Annie Hyde (Female 8 years old (Three episodes)) (Featured)

Line # 1 (Panicking)
Please! I want to see my kitty, and dolls…you have to save me! My mommy and daddy sent you to save me!

Roger Hyde (Male 30s Featured, One episode)
Line #1 The police are looking…investigating, Mr. Strange, but, as the lieutenant said, they have to follow a protocol–

Cindy Hyde (Female 30s Featured, One episode)
Line #1: Oh my gosh!
Line #2: This horrid little….doll…was left in Annie’s bed!

Hippie Chick (Female, 20s Featured (Multiple episodes)

Line #1: The Guide Stones Guide My Life, please contribute.
Line #2: Pamphlet mister?
Kelsey (Female 18-20, Primary, one-episode)
Line #1: See, that’s what I am telling you. It’s this place–it’s making us all crazy. I didn’t do anything. Do I have any blood on me?

Line #2: I think this is a very sad place. People were abandoned here–often by their loved ones. What a horrible life of loneliness that must have been for the patients.
Jacob (Male 18-20 Primary, one-episode)

Line #1: …then, in 1917 the boilers blew. Because the road up the mountain was so icy all the fire department and folks from town could do is watch the flames against the dark sky and bright moon. Even with half of the Overbrook on fire, 57 patients still froze to death that night. Another four died in the fire along with two staff members. But the state rebuilt, upgraded the boilers and the place was here until they closed it for good in 1986.

Daniel (Male 18-20 Primary, one-episode)

Line #1: (MOCKING) ‘Why must you be such an ass, Danny?’ Why must you be such a soft touch, Kelsey. You’ve always tried to save the strays. Someone’s cat have a dozen kittens? Call Kelsey, she’ll take care of them. Who is the first one to volunteer to help out at the homeless shelter? Oh Kelsey will give up her weekend to help the bums. Little Jacob doesn’t have any friends, Kelsey will take care of him. What are you trying to prove Kelsey? Your dad left your mom because she was boffing the PE teacher. You’re not going to get him back by doing good deeds.

The Morningstar (Male, Sexy Deep Voice, Featured, Multiple Episodes)

Line #1: Poets and artists slice away their body parts to feel a fraction of the passion we share. But you’re flying solo on this ‘opportunity’.

Line #2: Are you enjoying your tea? It’s a blend of 14 different leaves from trees here in my garden. It’s a relaxing blend.

Mother Superior (Female, 50s-60s, Featured)

Line #1: Oh sweet Jesus! Maria! Stop lolly gagging at the window and get down here. And bring a fire extinguisher!

Job type: Non Paid

Voice Acting Auditions

Casting Location: Nationwide
Contact email: producer@harrystrange.com


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