Voice Auditions for Radio Drama “The Bread Demon”

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The Bread Demon

Radio Silence– A New Audio Drama

Location: International

Audition / Call Type: Talk Shows

Two aerospace engineers, Dr. John Johannes and Dr. Phillipa Reed, are the sole survivors of a disaster that wiped out the rest of the human population. Having narrowly escaped Earth using a small prototype spaceship, they focus their attention on broadcasting their lives, struggles, and preserved bits of human culture to the Galaxy in the hope that someone out there is listening.

This will be an audio drama with limited (if any) visuals. There will be two episodes released in a week, with the story following the doctors as they reminisce about the past and cope with the future that lies in front of them. There are a few topics that may not be suitable for everyone, including illness, suicide, detailed description of injury, and strong language. This website is not the only platform in which responses are coming in from. Good luck to everyone who chooses to audition!

Payment: Non-Paid

City or Location of call: International
Please submit to: avocado.iced.tea@gmail.com by 03/08/2023 11:30 PM

In order to be considered for casting, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/9L4D2fHg618Qhqpv5

All information is already included including audition lines, character backgrounds, and voice references.

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