Actresses Needed For Upcoming Projects – N.Y. / N.J.


Acting auditions for multiple projects in New Jersey and New York area.

location: North New Jersey.

Category: Other Projects

Looking For Actresses for a few upcoming projects from now to down the line, Close to North New Jersey/N.Y.C, Hopefully No More than an Hr. Away From 07026, doing things from independent films, skits, Webisodes etc and are looking for people to fit the roles of what we desire, and we are trying to submit a few projects to a few independent film festivals.

We have a few people so we are looking to round up the rest of what we need so we can build an empire together with those people to reoccur and use their talents more than once and help build their portfolio, we put the team before ego’s and are looking for the same.

A few projects are time sensitive so the sooner we are contacted the sooner we can go through the process. We ask for people close by due to many people from a distance contacting us and we do plan on using them for bigger projects but with the smaller one’s we don’t want to waste ours or anyone else’s time. We have met some super passionate/talented and dedicated people thus far and continue to meet more but we have also met people who seem more a waste of time and are in it for other things besides the passion 1st.

We are rebuilding from the ground up but have taken a few steps to move forward already and it has been going very well. The type of people we are looking for these current and upcoming roles are under the height of 5’6, petite to having a certain physique due to some scenes involving a lot of running around/walking or action scenes,Nothing real physical. (Plan to get other heights and sizes for other projects in the future so stay tuned for that Post) Please be older than 18 and provide a few pictures, close up and from a distance and different angles if possible, the more the better so we can image you in future scenes and well as see if your fit for current scenes, also where you reside and how far you would be from 07026 which is our head quarters.

If you are a bit further please have a reliable source of transportation but not be further than an hour and a half because some schedules are tight and to re-shoot spur of the moment notice yet have to wait too long would cause further delays. The more talents the better so we can utilize you more in front and behind the scenes if not both.*(for behind the scenes size and height of course does not matter) it is a Pleasure always and please follow those simple steps, my last post I stressed it a few times to no avail for some, and hopefully you can grow with an empire vs struggle in search of roles or get picked because someone knew someone vs having a true passion and talent.

Entry levels welcome, we will help everyone the best we can as long as your willing to work hard we will with you.

~Triumph~ Uncanny iomega inc/Monkey King Films (Uncanny Monkey Films)

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: North New Jersey.
Contact email: Mr.Uncannydrive@Gmail.Com

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