Web Series – New York



Where: New York, NY
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Type: Web series

A mini-movie mystery story. I need people who are going to be completely committed to the characters. This is a great time to use your improve skills. It will be broadcast on the web and on cable access in New York.

Hitman – Just a nickname. Hitman is is a guy who is always cool and does what he want. Recreational drug user. He is in trouble but he always has a plan. Not very bright. He wants to be an actor and he is obsessed with his idol Van Damme.

Pepper – Hitmans sister. Is cool and sexy unless angry. Novice dominatrix. Cold to strangers. Mean to her boyfriend.

Dealer – Known everything thats happening on the street. Trys to look tough but is really not.

Villian – Does not speak English well or at least pretends not to. Looks sweet and innocent but has a dark secret.

Credit only: Your face will be next to your name in the credits. Shooting will be only one day. Send anything you have: Headshot, Reel, ect. These roles are open to all races and foreign accents.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: New York, NY
Please submit to: cheifrocket@yahoo.com

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