Auditions Announced for “Blood Sisters the Musical” in Hampton Roads, VA


Blood Sisters the Musical in Concert

Location of casting call: Hampton Roads, Virginia
Theatrical production now casting singers – This is a non paid job.


Queen Mother Productions is casting
BLOOD SISTERS The Musical in Concert

(Original staging and choreography by Broadway Director, Marion J. Caffey)

This musical is about a typical American single parent family. Joanna Karen Smith “Momma” has always been a woman of faith and has relied on that faith to raise her children. After more than 32 years of self-sacrifice, Momma is fed up. While giving her grown daughters 5 months to get themselves together, unexpected tragedy hits. This musical concert is filled with original tunes from genres such as; jazz, blues, gospel, hip hop, classical, big band and etc. This universal story of love and redemption will inspire, thrill, shake and stir your soul.

Dates: January 30th deadline for submissions.

Where: Hampton Roads, VA or surrounding areas

Pay: Non-equity

Seeking strong singer/actresses who move well, diverse casting is desired. All ethnicities are welcome!

For consideration please send:
Headshot, Resume, and Video of two contrasting songs to [email protected]


MOMMA (Soprano/Alto) Female soulful jazz singer who is a strong actress who moves well to play the mother of 5 daughters.

SHYRON (Soprano/alto) the oldest run-away daughter, and mother of Sharice. She is very strong, grounded, self-confident, eclectic and stylish.

FAITH (Soprano/ Alto) the peaceful prayerful second oldest daughter, a woman of passion for sharing the love of God, who is very traditional and conservative.

TEQUILA (Legit singer who belts Soprano-an Operatic sound is preferred) the second to the youngest daughter. She has a rebellious and lazy attitude but appears to be athletic and tom-boyish.

PRECIOUS (Belt soprano/Alto) youngest daughter, materialistic and active can be described as a ghetto
fabulous fashionista, with a unique and fashion-forward.

SHARICE (Soprano/ Alto) actress will play her as a 14 year old girl , she is a very intelligent know-it-all and eager to make her own decisions.

NARRATOR (Male no singing required) A storyteller who is well spoken, articulate and who possesses a great presence.

Please submit to [email protected] before 1/30/2015

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