Casting Call for Featured Roles on “Elvis & Nixon” – NOLA Area


New Orleans, Louisiana Casting for feature film

The new Kevin Spacey film “Elvis & Nixon” is about to begin filming in the New Orleans area and is looking to book local talent for paid work in early 2015. The scenes will be shooting beginning January 2015 and some of these roles will be a multi-day booking.

Casting directors with Central Louisiana will be holding an open casting call this coming Tuesday for a variety of featured background roles. Central is casting roles that include secret service agents, White House staff, teen girls, Elvis impersonators and Black Panthers. See below for more details.

The casting call is set up as a meet and greet with the films directors and is currently scheduled for this coming Tuesday night. This does not seem to be an open call and talent interested in attending will need to follow the directions below to submit a picture and contact info. Those chosen will then be notified with further instructions and location.

Elvis & Nixon will be a historical drama that focuses on the 1970 meeting between President Nixon and the King of Rock & Roll.  Two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey will be playing President Richard Nixon and Michael Shannon has been cast as Elvis Presley. The movie is set during a week in 1970 when Elvis Presley showed up at the White House looking to meet then President Nixon. On December 21st 1970 Elvis came to the White House with a request for Nixon, Elvis wanted to offer his help to the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs and asked for a BNDD badge.

casting call for featured roles on Elvis & Nixon

Elvis & Nixon – Casting Session on Tuesday 12/16 Night in New Orleans

We are setting up a casting session with the Director of the movie on Tuesday night in Downtown New Orleans for the following featured roles.

This will be a very quick meet & greet for some featured background work on this movie. This will likely take place around 7pm on Tuesday. Please submit a current picture of yourself, your contact info and which role(s) you fit to

– Secret Service: 25-45 y.o. Caucasian looking MEN, tough Military types – Potential work dates: 1/12, 1/13, 1/14, 1/15, 1/16, 1/20, 1/21, 1/22, 1/23, 2/4
– White House Staff & Aides: 30’s-50’s Caucasian looking MEN & WOMEN, clean cut & smart looking politician types – Potential work dates: 1/12, 1/13, 1/14, 1/15, 1/16, 1/20, 1/21, 1/22, 1/23, 2/4
– Black Panther’s: 20’s-50 African American looking MEN; Afro’s or short hair; tough looking guys – Potential work date: 2/5
– Daughters: 13-17 year old African American GIRLS – Potential work date: 2/5
– Stewardesses: 20’s Caucasian looking pretty LADIES; Size 2-4 – Potential work dates: 1/30, 2/3, 2/13
– Elvis Impersonator’s: 20’s-30’s ALL ETHNICITIES MEN – – Potential work date: 2/3

The project also has another call out for general background talent which you can check out here.

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