Casting tons of background roles for CW’s “The Messengers” in NM – Kids, teens & adults

CW’s apocalyptic / supernatural drama “The Messengers” is now casting in Albuquerque, New Mexico

CW’s new show, The Messengers is casting for a ton of roles for all ages and ethnicities. The list of available roles is listed below and it is long.

The show is about to begin production in New Mexico. The series begins filming in mid August and will continue into December, so there is plenty of time for anyone who wants to take part to get get cast. The series is looking for a whole slew of types… church choir folks, gang members, cartel, teens, hospital staff, police types, military, upscale, businessmen, kids and many others.

The Messengers” will be produced by Basil Iwanyk (The Clash Of The Titans), Thunder Road Productions and CBS TV Studios. The series is written by “Teen Wolf” writer,Eoghan O’Donnell. “The Messengers” follows the genre that the CW is well established in, supernatural / fantasy based dramas. “The Messengers” starts with a mysterious object falling down to earth somewhere in the New Mexican desert. The objects crash, or strange pulse following the crash, kills some random strangers who are then resurrected and come back for the purpose of stopping the upcoming apocalypse. Another description of the show described the resurrected as coming back as angels. Whatever, the case may be…. the Apocalypse is upon them.

The Messengers” will have a mid-season release on the CW and will star Shantal VanSanten, Diogo Morgado, JD Pardo, and Joel Courtney.

CW The Messesngers releases huge casting call for extras

Extras casting is being handled by On Location in New Mexico and you must be local to Albuquerque with New Mexico ID in order to be considered. Casting directors are asking that all talent that is interested please visit their website to upload their information, you can see all the instructions below.

**Please share this notice with friends, family and anyone who might be interested!!

 8/13/14 – 12/11/14. Various time requirements depending on role cast in.

Shoot times: Times vary depending on role cast in. Extras should be prepared to work a 12 hour+ day on the day chosen.

Shoot location: Albuquerque, New Mexico and surrounding areas

Compensation: NON-UNION Extra Rate is $68.80 for 8 hours ($8.60/hour) with an 8 hour guarantee. Overtime will be paid after 8 hours. Lunch and snacks provided.

Talent Specs: *NOTE: ALL TALENT MUST HAVE PROOF OF NEW MEXICO RESIDENCY in order to work this project (NM Drivers License, ID card or Voter Registration)!

SEEKING EXTRAS: male and female, all ethnicities, all ages!
Some specific types include:

  • Church Choir members, Church Congregations, Church Elders
  • Law Enforcement/Police Officers/Detectives (experience preferred)
  • Hospital Staff – Nurses/Doctors/Orderlies/ER Staff (experience preferred)
  • EMTs and Paramedics (experience preferred)
  • Bartenders and Waitresses (experience preferred)
  • Teenagers and 18 year olds who can look younger
  • Middle America types
  • Drug Cartel types and Gangbangers (all ethncities)
  • Flight Attendants (experience preferred)
  • Scientist types
  • Upscale Professionals
  • Security Guards (experience preferred)
  • Military men and women (experience preferred)
  • Hospital Patients
  • Restaurant Customers
  • Ethnic diverse men, women and children
  • People with vehicles that are not red, white or black
  • and many other general extra roles!

Overall Talent Considerations: NO professional acting experience required!

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Your OLC talent profile and photos MUST be UP TO DATE within the last 6 month! Children under 18 MUST have updated photos taken within the past 3 months! ALL TALENT MUST HAVE PROOF OF NEW MEXICO RESIDENCY in order to work this project!!!

Submissions to our website ASAP at:

Enter on Talent, Click Register and Talent Application. Complete application and upload 1-2 photos. It is FREE to register so you should NOT pay for the suggested ‘active’ account upgrades that will be offered twice a month. There is NO charge and you can be booked for work with the basic ‘not-active’ profile. DO NOT PAY FOR AN ‘active’ ACCOUNT unless you are interested in the upgrade it provides!
-Recent photos of yourself should be taken within the past (6) months. Please submit one head/face shot and one full body shot if possible.

If you have additional questions about this project or On Location Casting – please feel free to email us at: with subject line “The Messengers” Question. Please do NOT email just to ask to be booked – we will not begin booking until approx. 8/8/14.

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  1. Jude lucero

    I’ve been dreaming to be a actor since i was 4

  2. Robert Rice

    For the “drug cartel types and gangbangers” (all ethnicities), is experience also preferred?

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