Does your office need a vacation? Reality series is casting for offices and their staff in L.A.

By | July 25, 2014

Can everyone working in tour office use a corporate retreat?

The reality casting directors at Metal Flowers Media (the casting directors behind such hot shows as Bar Rescue & Naked & Afraid) are looking for offices who would like an all-inclusive getaway…somewhere fun, hopefully, to get some office related issues resolved, eliminate distractions and get some time to reconnect, outside of the office setting.

The show is seeking offices of 8 or more who have some outgoing and energetic employees that would love to participate in a company retreat. The new show is being created for a major cable network.

L.A. Offices…. check it out… apply now for a chance at a paid getaway and maybe boost some company morale.


Ready to work out inner-office strategic plan? Launch a project? Foster team building and inspire leadership? Maybe your company has inter-office conflicts that can be resolved with some long overdue communication, or you need a fresh perspective on problem-solving. If so? We want to help!

Casting offices for new getaway show in L.A.

A major cable network is looking for offices that have issues to resolve or just need time out of the office together. We’re paying for an all inclusive get-away to help boost company spirit, solve trivial conflicts that are lowering office morale, put an end to petty bickering and aid to eliminate daily distractions that’ll help push ‘reset’ on the tone of your office.

We are looking for owners and staff who are willing to work together to succeed! If you are an office of eight or more with dynamic, energetic, candid employees we would love to hear from you! This is the chance of a lifetime for the right office.

To Apply Email with “Corporate Retreat” in the subject line or submit an online application here.

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