CBS “Amazing Race” Auditions Coming to Boston Area


Are you looking to try out for “The Amazing Race”?

If you live in the Boston area that chance is coming up soon. CBS will be hosting an open casting call for “The Amazing Race” on the 5th of next month.

Auditions for the show are coming to WACHUSETT MOUNTAIN. Now these will not be your typical auditions, nope. “Amazing Race” hopefuls will actually have to complete some challenges before being able to move on to the audition process. The activities that teams must do include a gear challenge, a chairlift challenge and a hike. Once the activities are completed, then auditioners will be allowed to record their audition video for the show. There is no need to bring ant videos with you as videos will be recorded at the event.

The CBS adventure reality competition takes it’s participants around the world in a race that will challenge them physically and mentally. The show casts teams of two who have a pre-existing relationship, husband / wife, boyfriend / girlfriend, brother / sister, etc. Those teams will compete against other teams in a series of challenges that help them find their next destination. The teams that fall behind will eventually get eliminated as the show progresses. Getting to the final destination first is worth a stunning $1,000,000!

Auditions for the 2015 season of the show are right around the corner, so grab your team mate and come down to WACHUSETT MOUNTAIN for a chance to get on “The Amazing Race” and get your shot at the $1,000,000 prize.

Amazing Race 2015 tryouts


Have you and a teammate always wanted to be on The Amazing Race? Here is your chance to audition for CBS’s hit reality show, The Amazing Race!


You and your partner must fill out an individual registration form (see below). There will be three time options to arrive at Wachusett Mountain for registration (both partners must register for the same time).
Prior to your audition you and a partner will get to have some fun with Amazing Race activities around the mountain. The activities below are required steps prior to being able to audition for the show:

1.) Registration- Arrive with your partner and all required materials (see below) to begin the activities of the day and receive your Amazing Race passport.
2.) Suit-Up Gear Challenge- Each team member will get to suit-up in Wachusett Mountain ski apparel and see how fast you can be ready to brave the slopes!
3.) Chairlift Summit- Ride the chairlift to the top of Wachusett Mountain and back down again, taking in the scenic views on the way.
4.) Bullock Hike-Take a short hike up to Bullock Lodge, Wachusett’s first on-mountain refreshment location, and then return to the bottom of the mountain for your audition.
At each activity station you will receive a stamp for your Amazing Race passport – you must have all 4 stamps in your passport to take part in the Amazing Race Video Audition.
5.) Audition- After the completion of all previous activities, you and your teammate will have a one-minute video audition for the Amazing Race.

For more information and to register for an audition time, please see the registration page.


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