Christian Film Project in Orange NJ

Christian film project

Location: Orange NJ

Type: Film

A Christian film project shooting in the Orange, New Jersey area is looking to cast for many un-paid roles. Please see the full breakdown of available roles below.

Please send head shot and resume to:

Auditions dates will be
Friday July 24th from 6 to 8 and Sat July 25th from 11am til 2:00 and Sat August 9th, from
11am til 3.

Character Breakdowns:
Isaiah Mitchell- African American Male – 30-35 Very attractive – suave nice build-
tough roughed type highly intelligent serious type

Jeremiah Mitchell- African American Male – age 65 – 68 – Athletic build –

distinguished- handsome- grand father to leading character-. Former C.I.A agent, highly

intelligent, Priest of the Levitical Priesthood and watchmen society- tough- bold –

outspoken- character

The Voice- African American Male- age -48 to 50- Very handsome athletic build, figure

head for the Illuminati, you hear him, but rarely see his face.

Buddy- African American Male- age- 26- 28- Young alcoholic- Humorous character- c,

outspoken & funny- unpredictable at times.

Orlando – Hispanic Male- handsome- suave- age 28 -30- Isaac’s childhood friend- apart

of Isaac’s team- aggressive.

Grace Mother to leading character- African American- age- 47-49 – attractive-
Sophisticated- classy- medium build- soft spoken.

Glide- African American Male- age 28-30- 5’11 to 6ft tall nicely built – Handsome-
Stern personality- ladies man, Isaac’s right hand man and bold

Jag- African American Male – age 26-30- Med build- cute- genius – articulate-

Technical genius- mild manner.

Sinnetta- Africa American or

Jay- African American Male – age 26-30- med build- nice looking- arrogant at times.

Det. Ore- Female 28 – 34 Caucasian – Hispanic – Asian – small to med build- model

type – very attractive out going personality but tough.

Det. Grayson- Black Male- 40-46- husky – arrogant- sneaky- and cocky.

Aazel- Asian Male- Head Demon- shift shaper –Intimidating- arrogant- bold


Zenzat –Caucasian male- shift shaper- arrogant- bold- devious.

Usay- African American or Jamaican Male- Medium build- body builder type, shift

shaper- intimidating and aggressive- bold.

Sinnetta- African – Jamaican- Haitian Female- age 28-33- Model type- Medium height-
Alluring- Seductive-Very Attractive- She’s a Seductress

Bishop Nellason- African American Male- age 50-58- very flamboyant- carefree


Dr. Torrey- Black or Jamaican- small build- age 60-70 –intelligent character- soft spoken

and a genius.

Hunter- African American Male- age 50-55 Tall 6’2 to 6’4 tough and direct.

Cantina – Hispanic or Dominican female-47-50- medium frame- outspoken- humorous

Pastor Raynor- Black or mix- age 40-45- attractive – outspoken

Ant- Jamaican or African American- med build age- 24-26- direct and tough

Shock- African American- Med to large build- age 26-28 – tough- arrogant at times-
But level headed.

Weazel- African American- small build-24-26- a follower/

not so tough

Pastor Jones- Caucasian- age 55-60 -Outspoken

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Orange NJ
Please submit to: by 2014-08-08

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