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Location: DETROIT, MI

Type: Film

Independent Film by Paige B. Alston
“Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.” – Herman Hesse

A 17 year old African American girl, named Nina Russell, experiences some trials at young age. She is battling with the inconsistency of her mother and her relationships, and her Boyfriend who betrayed her in a scheme for money. She is about to graduate from high school and wants to go to college but doesn’t want to leave her mom alone. She is struggling to find the silver lining in her life. Nina is determined to not fall through the cracks of her unhealthy environment.

Shoot/Audition Dates: Thursday, December 4 and/or Saturday December 11 4pm – 7pm

Shoot/Audition Location: Youthville Detroit
7375 Woodward, Detroit Mi

Available Roles/Character Breakdowns:Character Description/Bio:

Nina Russell – African American Leading Female Role (Ages 17-25)

Nina is a 17 year old girl. She is a senior in HS. She is top of her class and wants to be a Doctor. She struggles with the people in her life and the choices she realizes she needs to make after college. She is put in tough positions, given that she is complacent and a good servant to her surroundings. She often fails to realize her future potential until she gets fed up with the direction her life is taking because of it.

Nina’s Mother– African American or Latino Female Role (Ages 27-45)

Nina’s Mother is hard to read. She’s sweet but Nina can’t help but to think she does a little too much for her age. She goes from guy to guy frequently, looking for the love she never received, unfortunately not helping the lifestyle of her daughter. Instead, she uses the benefits of Nina to her ability, unconsciously.

James– African American Male Role (Ages 17-25)

James is Nina’s boyfriend that is in between lifestyles. He’s a good guy that get’s into the wrong situation but is seen as selfish when he steals from Nina for his job’s sake.

Stacey– African American Female Role (Ages 17-25)

Nina’s Best Friend that gets excited off of Nina’s life situations. She believe’s in Nina and see’s her potential for what it really is.

Khali– African American Male Role (Ages 19-30)

Nina’s Mothers, newest boyfriend. He’s young an is surprisingly keeping a good relationship with her mother so he can stick around. He love’s Nina’s Mother but can’t really be a man to her like Nina would want for her mom. He struggles to please Nina.

Rick – African American Male Role (Ages 27-50)

Rick is one Nina’s Mothers reckless and controlling boyfriend.

Myles – African American Male Role (Ages 10-16)

Stacey’s little brother

Mr. Bonsu– Male Role Ages 25 & up)

Nina’s Teacher.

Extras – High School boys playing basketball, Students for school hallways

Compensation: Food, T-shirt, and a Headshot photo for portfolio.

Payment: Non Paid

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City or Location of call: DETROIT, MI
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