Disaster DIY is looking for some Renovation failures in Toronto Canada

By | January 23, 2014

HGTV Canada “Disaster DIY”

Disaster DIY is coming back to Canadian Television for a new season and is looking for some homeowners who went the ‘Do-it-yourself’ route and failed miserably…. Do you need some expert help finishing that home renovation project that you started?

You’re not a contractor but you know that challenge you took on is completely wrong.

Do you have a project you started and then gave up on?

Has that flooring job been sitting 1/2 done for too long now?

If so… you may be able to get some help with the finishing!

Disaster DIY is a show on HGTV Canada about “Do-It-Yourselfer”s who have failed at their own home renovations and are in desperate need of some on-the-job training. The host is Bryan Baeumler and it is directed by Craig Goodwill.

Now there are some rules to this…

  • You must be a homeowner who lives in the Toronto area
  • You must be dynamic and fun (this is a TV show)
  • Be available for at least 4 days of filming
  • Non-Union (Actra) please
  • You must have a project that you have already started and failed miserably at.
  • and, you must have some cash (at least 15k) to contribute to funishing your DIY Disaster

Please see the below casting call flyer for additional information and submission instructions.

Canada casting call for Disaster DIY

Are you interested in appearing on the show and maybe finally getting that renovation project out of your hair? Check out the show’s promo:

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