DIY Network Casting Call for “America’s Most Desperate Landscapes’ 2015

By | October 9, 2014


DIY Network and Jaytv want to hear about it. The show is searching America to find the absolutely worst front yards and transform them into things of beauty. Now the show is not for people who have so so yards… no, they want only the worst. The show is now casting homeowners all over the United States who need a whole bunch of help with their landscape woes and are not afraid to get their hands dirty as well.

Our annual search to find and fix one of the ugliest front yards in the country is your chance to get our biggest landscape makeover of the year.

Be warned… Jason is looking for a REALLY, REALLY desperate front yard. This episode is all about a massive transformation that includes fixing both the front of the house and the front yard… from building porches to creating new driveways and huge new front walkways.

Is your house desperate enough for a two-day transformation? We’re searching for homeowners with super ugly front yards. Homeowners with builder’s grade landscape or just a dead lawn need not apply. Think crumbling concrete, peeling paint, rickety fences! We want homeowners who are fun and energetic. We’ll bring the building supplies. Homeowners must bring personality and sweat equity.

You need to show us your desperation… your complaining neighbors… and show Jason your personality and why he should bring the DL team for the biggest landscape invasion of the year.

DIY Network Desperate Landscape casting call for 2015


America’s Most Desperate Landscape 2015

We have applications at, and you can also check out our incredible 2014 transformation at:

Check out some of these amazing front yard transformations.




6 thoughts on “DIY Network Casting Call for “America’s Most Desperate Landscapes’ 2015

  1. Sheryl

    I could not get to your website to apply. It goes to some Chinese translating box.
    I would love to have a make over of our yard. We bought our house “as is” and my husband promised to hire professionals
    to do the work, but never seemed to get to it, because “he would get it done.” He tore up the decking 8 years ago and we
    still have it undone in the backyard, and around the pool. A NorEaster tore down our fence, which my husband has started to
    replace years ago, but still has it only a third done. The plants are overgrown. The gazebo has its screens out and junk piled in it. The deck on the water is the only nice thing on our property. The deck on the second level off our bedroom my husband promised would be one of the first changes so I could sit out there – never done since we bought the property over 10 years ago. My husband had good intentions, but his hip went out and needed surgery. He then needed heart and arm surgery, so the work has gone by the wayside. My daughter would like to get married in our back yard, so I would love to have it beautiful for her.

  2. Vivian

    We so need our front and back yard so badly!! We bought our home a little over 3 yrs ago. When we first moved in I solely dug up the front yard and planted about 50 or more squares of grass from Home Depot but it never grew in ..and ugh our back yard the grass will not grow ..we wanted to fit it up so our 2 yr old at the time could play safe out back , she is turning 5 yrs old September 11th and yet to tackle it because of finances. Both front and by need a major overhaul !! Lol it be such an awesome gift to him for working so hard to provides for our family always leaving out of state for work; he doesn’t have the time or extra money to do anything to our home.

  3. Acquindolyn

    I always prayed for a pound in my yard but not like this.
    Ever since we had that historical flood of 2016(Cross,SC).
    My yard stays flooded! The water always goes under my house and with that comes moisture which damages the floor board.
    I previously had my entire side and back cleaned down to the dirt twice but then comes the rain…..the over flow of pound water. ..and you guessed it.
    My entire side and back yard becomes the holding cell for all the water.
    With all this water what I worked so hard to try and build which is a nice safe yard for my two new grandbabies and a relaxing retreat for myself is quickly turning back into an overgrown. ..weeded….wild unpleasant eyesore.
    My yard is awful….
    In embarrassed by it.
    I never invite others over.
    Which is still a dream of mines because Because my yard is nowhere pretty enough to look at.
    Let alone invite family/friends over to entertain.
    I’ve tried my best.
    Now I need the help from the best.

    Please and Thank You,

  4. Donna

    Hi Mr. Jason,
    Our new home has been waiting for a year for some landscaping. Not only are we overwhelmed but we don’t have any ideas.
    Donna & Jae

  5. Rhonda King

    We are desperate, needing help with what to do with our back yard. We need to sell our house and all we hear is no back yard. We have a large deck over looking a creek.. Please help.

  6. Rick and Leilani bellamy

    It is our 2nd try, we really worked hard to get better prepared for this application attempt.
    This would be a real uplift for my wife, she had unexpected double brain surgery may of this year and feels very overwhelmed that we didn’t finish, she just see’s so many hurdles in life and unfinished project that we thought would be over, so we could have fun with friends and family, instead she’s feeling like we are just chasing them all away

    Lei lani ,trying to get used deck board ready not knowing she needed brain surgery!

    First, all the nails were pulled out of each deck board and re-stacked until ready to soak.

    I prepared the trough with water and deck cleaning fluid. I then put 2 boards in at a time to soak at least 10 minutes; while I lightly scrubbed each board — on each side and then finished letting them soak.

    I then pulled 1 board out and put another board in the trough to soak. I then with a push broom type scrubber scrubbed each side. I then slowly sprayed with the pressure washer: the bottom first spraying one edge and then the top side and then spraying the other edge of the deck boards.

    When finished with the one deck board I carried it and placed it inside the gated area; on top of two sawhorses to dry and keep clean until ready to carry and stack up on the deck using a ladder.

    I repeatedly followed the same procedure until I finished with each stack.


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