Docu-series “Enter The Wild” Casting Nationwide

A new cable TV show for the Esquire Network is seeking people who want to go into the great outdoors for the experience of a lifetime!

ENTER THE WILD, is looking to bring together a group of people for an unforgettable outdoor adventure through the wildest parts of the country that will test not only their survival skills but also their spirit!

The group selected will be guided on their journey by an acclaimed outdoorsman and the experience may change their lives forever. Those cast will learn new skills and find out how to survive in the great outdoors without all the modern conveniences we are all so used to. The journey will not be an easy one and not everybody cast for the show is expected to finish the trek.

This is not a “Survivor” type reality show. The series is not a competition, it is a journey meant to enlighten the participants and challenge all of their basic instincts as they follow an outdoor master into the unknown.

Enter The Wild

The show has been casting for a few months and is currently seeking the following:


  • Men & Women ages 30-50yrs old
  • Black collar occupations in creative industries, nightlife, sports, or specialized fields
  • White collar occupations in finance or managerial fields
  • Annual income of $75K or more
  • Varying levels of survival skills, from complete NOVICES to INTERMEDIATE practitioners (no outdoor experience necessary!)
  • People who authentically want a deeper connection with nature and learn back to basic skills
  • Pairs welcome (fathers & sons, husbands & wives, etc.)


You must be a legal US resident to apply as well as be over the the age of 18 with availability to film this winter and maybe spring. Those who are chosen to participate will be compensated for their time . Are you ready to change your life? If so apply ASAP and maybe you can go on the journey of a lifetime!

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