Eagan, Minnesota Theater Auditions for “My Fatal Valentine”

By | November 25, 2014

My Fatal Valentine

Location: Eagan, Minnesota

Type: Theater

Eagan Theater Company is holding auditions for “My Fatal Valentine” at the Westcott Library, 1340 Wescott Road Eagan MN 55123-1029, on Monday, December 8 from 4-7 pm and on Wednesday, December 10 from 6-8 pm. The cast consists of nine female roles and four male roles. Actors must be comfortable with improvisation. Performances will be held on February 13 and 14 in Eagan, MN. Rehearsals begin in January. For more information about the show and auditions, please visit our website at www.etc-mn.org or email at amy@etc-mn.org.

The show is set at a convention of romance writers and their fans. The purpose of
the event is to honor five authors and present the Loveknot Award for the Best
Romance of the Year, to be given by Heartthrob Books. The actors interact with the
audience, in character, throughout the event.

Eagan, Minnesota theater "My Fatal Valentine"

MAUDE PETRY – the hostess and organizer of the event.
BENTON FISH– the Editor-in-Chief at Heartthrob Books. He is also the Master of

JANE FORTHRIGHT– Head of Security at Heartthrob Books.

HATTIE GLICK(pen name – LUCRETIA DEWITT) – A romance writer. Very arrogant,
rather crude, loud and obnoxious. Her books have all been very different. No two
are ever alike. Which is not surprising considering she didn’t write any of them.

MAYNARD GLICK– Lucretia’s husband. Sweet guy, works in the FBI Witness Relocation
Program. Very henpecked by Hattie for years.

PRISCILLA EMBERLY– A Romance Writer. Very Victorian, sweet and fussy.

VERONICA EMBERLY – Priscilla’s twin sister and co-author. They are completely
devoted to each other and their books.

CHET FARQUIRK– (pen name ALLISSA WENTWORTH) – A Romance Writer. Chet
couldn’t make it as a serious novelist so he’s been “reduced” to writing romance

MITZI MOONEY –Chet’s girlfriend. Mitzy acts dumb, mostly because she is.

EDITH CRUMPOWSKI – (pen name IVANA) A Romance Writer. A mousy little thing,
Edith lives through the romantic fantasies she creates. She had her first book
published when she was just 16.

MARTHA CRUMPOWSKI– Edith’s mother – overbearing and domineering.

Romance Writer. A British aristocrat for the tip of her elegantly coiffed head the the
cardigan around her shoulders. Very ladylike and regal. However, she is actually Billy
Sue Barlow of Gator Junction, Arkansas. Her son, Denis, is the result of a liaison with
on the Gator Junction males – she just isn’t sure which one.

DENIS KNOLLS– Dorothy’s playboy son. Fancies himself to be Cary Grant, yet always
in need of cash.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Eagan, Minnesota
Please submit to: amy@etc-mn.org

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