Feature Film “The 5th Wave” Needs Extras with Cars in Atlanta


The sci-fi thriller “The 5th Wave” has a casting call out for Atlanta area (CARTERSVILLE, GA) background extras with cars.

The film is the first in a new YA film series about an alien invasion. Casting directors with Tammy Smith are seeking Atlanta area background talent that are willing to work in Cartersville, GA with their cars. They are primarily interested in people who have larger cars, SUV’s, mini vans, etc. They do not need smaller cars such as a prius, smart car, etc. Dirty cars are OK on this one, actually, the casting calls for it. To be considered, you must be over the age of 18 and able to work in the Cartersville area over the weekend. This is for a 2 day booking and talent applying should have open availability on the 22nd and 23rd of this month. Please note that travel expenses will not be paid but there will be a small car bump.

The Fifth Wave‘ e is based on the books written by Rick Yancey . One of the film’s producers is Toby Maguire (‘Spiderman‘). Chloë Grace Moretz  stars as Cassie Sullivan, a teen girl whose entire world has shattered after a series of alien invasions. Cassie has survived 4 waves of alien attacks and now she and everyone else are bracing themselves for  The 5th Wave which they know is coming soon. Cassie gets separated from her brother and now is on a search to find him before the devastation of the 5th wave hits. Cassie is not alone, in her quest to survive she meets a teen boy named Evan Walker (Alex Roe .) The film also stars Liev Schreiber who plays a not so nice guy as well as Nick Robinson who plays “Zombie”.

The 5th Wave Extras casting call in Atlanta

“The 5th Wave” – CAR CALL

people with CARs, TRUCKs, SUVs,VANs, CAMPER SHELLS, etc..
filming in Cartersville, GA this weekend, Sat 11/22 and Sun 11/23
a 2 Day booking!!

Casting for MEN and a WOMAN ages 18 and over with CARS, (Pick-up trucks, SUVs, trucks with camper shells, cars with racks on them, larger size cars, vans, minivans, etc…RV’s, even!
NO smaller cars (NO prius, smart cars, miata etc… )
The only color we canNOT have is ROYAL BLUE on this one!
We will also want your car DIRTY!


This works THIS WEEKEND,

  1. BOTH DAYS, Sat 11/22 and Sun 11/23 – starting EARLY in the morning and will filming in Cartersville
  2. There is a $25 bump for cars each day- Please list your car info in your submission as well  (be specific about any car racks, camper shells, etc…and the ONLY color we canNOT use is royal blue- ALL other colors are ok on this one!! Please don’t only attach photo of your car- list the info , as car colors are deceiving in photos)
  3. Pay rate is $64 for 8 hrs with OT after that, PLUS the car bump mentioned above!

Please send an email to: 5thwavecasting@gmail.com
and put “STUCK ON THE ROAD” in the subject line


(one of from shoulders up and one from the knees up- your hair color and length should be visible in at least one photo)
NOTE a photo of you looking the part or a more serious photo without a smile is appreciated – it doesn’t have to look mean, but just not a big smile.
and also INCLUDE:
First and Last NAME
PHONE # (s) (XXX-XXX-XXXX format please)
EMAIL address
CITY and STATE where you live (or will be coming from)
Men: jacket/coat, collar, sleeve, waist, inseam, shoe
Women: dress size, shirt, pants, waist, shoe.

(and be specific about any car racks, etc…and the ONLY color we cannot use is royal blue- ALL other colors are ok on this one!! Please don’t only attach photo of your car- list the info , as car colors are deceiving in photos

This will film/shoot in CARTERSVILLE, GA area and you must be willing to work as a local hire there

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