Featured Extras & Extras for ‘Ride Along 2’ Filming in Atlanta


The Ice Cube / Kevin Hart movie ‘Ride Along 2’ is filming a large scene in Atlanta.

The production is currently casting for many roles (see below) including some featured extras for work next week.

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are reprising their roles in the sequel to “Ride Along“, “Ride Along 2”. The new film will be directed by Tim Story and written by Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi. The film will star Kevin Hart, Tika Sumpter and Ice Cube. Ice Cube will also be producing the project along with Will Packer, Matt Alvarez and Larry Brezner.

The sequel will follow the original and bring back Kevin Hart and Ice Cube as a security guard and an Atlanta cop.

The casting directors for the film, MHC, just released the following casting notices:

Marinella Hume Casting is looking for Extras to work on the feature film “Ride Along 2” This is for the ATLANTA area only. If you have already been an extra on “Ride Along 2” in Atlanta, please specify which scene and role you were given in your submission. If you were heavily featured, we respectfully ask that you not submit for this.

Extras casting call for 'Ride Along 2' going on in Atlanta Georgia

Please read the following announcement and only reply if you fit the criteria below.


Need 2 rough, tough, muscular, tatted up males, between 18-35.
This is an overnight shoot on Tuesday, 8/19 & Wednesday, 8/20. Put “TATTED MUSCLE THUG” in subject line. MUST NOT HAVE WORKED ON RIDE ALONG 2 yet.

Also need a very hot, in-shape Latina female, ages 21-30. Bartending and acting experience preferred. This will shoot Monday, August 1

8th. Put “BARTENDER” in subject line. MUST NOT HAVE WORKED ON RIDE ALONG 2 yet.

Send pics, sizes, and contact info to LetsRide2MHC@gmail.com.

General Extras

Men and women of all ethnicities ages 18-35 for night scene to work Tuesday and Wednesday night.
Put “Night scene” into the subject line when emailing your submissions.

Ride Along 2 casting flyer

Super HOT/Attractive/Sexy Women, ages 18-30, any ethnicity, for street race scene. Must have good bodies. Looking for glamour models, music video model types, HIN type girls, etc. Must be available on the afternoon/nights of Tuesday, August 19th and Wednesday, August 20th. Two day shoot. Put “RACE GIRL”

Men, ages 18-30, any ethnicity, but specifically looking for Latino and Asian. Cool, urban, street racer types. Must be available on the afternoon/nights of Tuesday, August 19th and Wednesday, August 20th. Two day shoot. Put “RACER” in subject line.

Looking for “Fast 7”, Midnight Racer, drag/street racing type of cars. Muscle cars, sports cars, pimped out cars, modded cars, etc. Cars with LED or Neon undercarriage kits, etc. Must be available on the afternoon/nights of Tuesday, August 19th and Wednesday, August 20th. Two day shoot. We will be giving car bumps. Car bump rate is TBD. Make sure to include pics of yourself and your car. Include the color, make, model, and year. Put “FAST CAR” in subject line.

RIDE ALONG 2 Latin Flair Bartenders and Latin Bartenders – Works on Monday

Female latin FLAIR bartenders- we would like to see you as well – works monday * separate from Latin Female Bartenders-

letsride2mhc@gmail.com and submit pics and contact and all sizes and exp as a flair bartender Flair in sublime

EXTRA RATE: $112/12.

PLEASE SEND YOUR SUBMISSIONS TO: LetsRide2MHC@gmail.com – Please note this is a different email address than the Miami shoot.

To be considered please read the following instructions and send an email to the appropriate project you are submitting for with the below information:

Include the following information:

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Contact Phone Number:
  • Location:
  • Email:
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Waist:
  • Inseam:
  • Shoe:
  • Jacket:
  • Blouse/Dress Size:


List Days You are NOT Available: (ex: Not available Tuesdays and Thursdays, etc)

We shoot Monday to Friday, 12 hour days. Please keep that in mind when accepting a booking. You cannot leave to pick up kids, walk dog, doctor’s appointments, etc. If you are available all days please put TOTAL AVAILABILITY in the body of the email.


Please Including 3 Photos of yourself :

  • Head shot style
  • Waist up Shot
  • Full Body Shot
  •  Full Body Side Shot

Photos must be well lit, clear & in focus, no hats, glasses or other props

These photos should have been taken recently and MUST reflect exactly what you currently look like

Make sure to note the role you are submitting for in the subject line of your email.

While we love the enthusiasm of some of you, it is not necessary to submit multiple times a day or multiple times for a single role. Thanks!

Please note that this films in Atlanta. Do not submit if you are not within a reasonable driving distance or are not fully available on the listed dates.

Ride Along 2 casting call in Atlanta


For the past two years, high-school security guard Ben (Hart) has been trying to show decorated APD detective James (Cube) that he’s more than just a video-game junkie who’s unworthy of James’ sister, Angela (Tika Sumpter). When Ben finally gets accepted into the academy, he thinks he’s earned the seasoned policeman’s respect and asks for his blessing to marry Angela.

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  1. Caine longshore

    Hey guys I wanted to submit this for a role for the cars. I have a whole car club that consists of about 18 people we have evos, Genesis, A dodge dart. We would like to be considered for the movie if you were interested. Our car clubs name is savage empire and you can look us up on facebook to check us out thanks for the consideration .



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