TV Commercials – Nationwide Casting Call with Paid Travel


The website will be filming 2 commercials and is casting REAL people nationwide.

Casting directors with Miami Talent are looking for a diverse group of people 18 to 70 years old who are now enrolled in the program. The commercial spot is looking for all types, single moms, people that finally have insurance for the first time, small business owners, etc. The commercial will be shot in an English and Spanish version and needs both English and Spanish speakers.

The English version of the spot will film in the Austin, Texas area. All travel expenses to Austin will be covered. The Spanish version will film in the Miami area and those booked from other areas will also have their travel expenses covered.

Those interested need to apply ASAP because casting directors are booking now and the commercials will film this weekend on the 25th and 26th.


TV commercial auditions for promo


English speakers travel to Austin
Spanish speakers travel to Miami
all expenses paid, please note your language skills.

Commercial for
searching for REAL PEOPLE (non-actors) NATIONWIDE who are enrolled in HEALTHCARE,GOV.

All ethnicities ages 18 – 70 or so
We are seeking people who have stories about being on Healthcare,gov to consider for an upcoming commercial to be filmed in Austin, TX the weekend of October 25th and 26th for English speakers. All travel expenses will be paid.

There is also a commercial for Spanish speakers in Miami, FL, date not confirmed yet, but all expenses will be paid as well.

Looking for a wide range and diverse group of people and stories – the single mom who has insurance for the first time, the small business owner who is able to provide insurance for their employees or a cancer survivor who can prove that it works. Those who qualify will be contacted to set up a time for a video chat.

This is a SAG commercial. Accepting SAG and non union talents, pay is SAG scale for everyone.Send picture along with contact number and how long have you’ve been enrolled.
Production will be calling you for initial interview directly and from there we will continue with booking if approved.

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