Looking for VOICE ACTORS in Muncie IN


Secrets of Truth – Muncie, IN Casting Call

Type: Other Projects

Looking for VOICE ACTORS for a 30-minute audio narrative.

Young Muriel Wainwright lives with her father, a humble wagon-builder, just inside the gates of a kingdom. Dismissed by her father, Muriel must find another way to learn about the mysterious death of her mother. In the process of looking into her past, she accidentally stumbles onto a plot in the kingdom, and realizes that those around her know more than they say. However, when no one listens to her, she must journey into a world of spies and secrets to learn more about her past and save the future of the kingdom, discovering who she is along the way.

Those who can speak in an English accent are encouraged, but not required.

Muriel Wainwright – a 12/13-year-old girl (anyone 10 – 14)
Protagonist. She is the one through which we experience the story. Adventurous, friendly, not afraid to stand up for herself.

Hammond Wainwright – 40-year-old father (actor can be older or younger)
A wagon-builder who just wants to live his life in peace and not think about the past. He wants to protect Muriel, and is afraid to lose her, but realizes she’s going to start asking questions as she grows up. He still thinks of her as a little girl.

Warin Hayward – 50-year-old gate guard (actor can be older or younger)
Wise and calm. Has worked on the kingdom’s wall for many years as a night watchman. Friend of Muriel. He listens to Muriel when she has troubles and gives her advice.

Queen Mara of Guerdric (actor can be 30+)
Antagonist. She wants power, and thinks herself better than everyone around her. She will try anything to acquire what she wants, and doesn’t care who gets in her way.

Annora Wainwright – 35-year-old mother (actor can be 30+)
Muriel’s mother and wife to Hammond. Magician for the king. Strong, warm, and smart. She loved her husband and daughter very much.

Narrator – male

Nigel – spy (in one scene)
Man #1 – spy (in one scene)
Man #2 – spy (in one scene)

Simon – town peasant (in one scene)
Bertram – town peasant (in one scene)

Questions and auditions can be sent to mcwuestefeld@gmail.com or an audition could be scheduled via skype or in person if preferred.

Recording will take place during the end of January. Please reply by January 17, 2015.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Muncie, IN
Please submit to: mcwuestefeld@gmail.com

This casting notice was posted by: Miranda Wuestefeld

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