National Talent Search – singers for next big boy band

By | April 5, 2014

Are you the next big superstar? Here is your chance to audition.

Are you good enough to be part of the next One Direction? Prove it! Now casting singers and groups for this new project.

This is not a singing contest or competition, these are auditions to get a record deal and a spot in a major music project.

Major record company is teaming up with a major cable network to find the best teen male singers around.

The search is on for boys ages 12-19 years old who have talent, passion and the dedication to be a part of the next big boy singing group.
The auditions will be held in Atlanta and those who are chosen by producers and casting directors to come to the auditions will need to travel to Atlanta. The boys who are selected to participate in the project will get a $10,000 signing bonus and a recording deal with a major record label. There will also be a TV show made about the new band and its members.

Casting directors at Bill Marinella are looking for submissions from boys 12-19 years old with great singing voices. Record company responsible for over 200 million records sold and a major television network searching for the next “it group” of male singers. This is NOT a contest. Seeking Boys between 12-19 years old ONLY.

Follow the directions below to submit your photos, links and contact information.

Auditions for boy band, groups and record label



image source – Busted

MUST be willing to travel to Atlanta area and have FULL AVAILABILITY April 12, 2014

EMAIL this address ONLY

Include LINKS of yourself, or your group, with a very brief Bio along with recent pictures and contact info. Cell pic’s are fine- no hats or sunglasses. Please only 12-19 years old BOYS! Include your age and if you play guitar .

IF SELECTED we will contact you with an Appointment time/Location/Wardrobe notes**

8 thoughts on “National Talent Search – singers for next big boy band

  1. kenneth louissaint

    I’m 17 and I’m 5’11, African American. I love to sing and dance. I really want to be in this boy band, please, music is my life. The people I look up to are CHRIS BROWN, MICHEAL JACKSON, JUSTIN TIMBLERLAKE and USHER. They started around my age and they sell doing what they love the first time. I performed in my school’s talent show. I sing and dance and after the show I was like famous for a week because they didn’t know I could sing. I live in Brooklyn NY. I really want to be in this boy band because I want to show you guys I can bring 100 and 10 percent to the stage. I never say never, I keep going, I try everything I can. Music is in my blood. Every time I get on stage I want to give it all I can. I go to a music school in Brooklyn called Brooklyn theatre art high school. It shows kids how to make music, do music and when to become an actor. Please pick me for the boy band. I will make you guy very happy. I want this more than anything in the world. I just very much want to change my life and do what I love. My uncle is the one made me the person I am in music. First time I heard him rap, I was 2, my mom told me this thing when I was 3 I was singing. Thats when she knew music was going to be in my life forever. Thank my name is Kenneth louissaint, THANK YOU, please pick me for the band.

  2. Ryan Kmetz

    If I don’t make it to this one, i’m forming my own Boy Band that is in the Orlando Area.

  3. Donny Manning

    I have aspirations of being apart of a boy band. I am 16. I’m kind of high in my singing voice. I can sing low but when I do it sounds like Toni Braxton and I don’t like to feel like I’m jacking her voice so I don’t sing low often. My influences are HipHop/R&B(90s-present), HipHop/Soul/R&B, Pop/R&B, and Dance/R&B. I do choreographed dancing and popular street dances. I catch on to choreography very quickly. I am light on my feet and my motions are fluent. I’m good at keeping a pace while singing and dancing at the same time. I can keep harmony but it can still use work to be better.

    1. Devonté Goodwin

      @Donny Do you have an Instagram?? If so, follow me on instagram @_devontee. I’m going to post a video of me singing soon.

  4. Devonté Goodwin

    I really hope that I can be apart of this boy band, or at least find a few people to make this boy band. I sing in church as a tenor, I write a few songs, know a few things about music and playing the keyboard/piano, however I could still learn a few more things, in my very honest opinion. As creative as I am, I could be the “P of the PB&J” or the “Left Eye of TLC” to this group.

  5. Brendon L Suttles

    I can sing, I like the lower tones. I’m not to low but low enough, cant really do high notes like I used to. I can dance and I have the rhythm to dance. I don’t choreograph my dances I just do what’s out and add a little spin. I love taking pictures. I run track, I actually play a lot of sports but I’m trying to go into modeling and acting.

  6. Avi Jackson

    I Love to sing and perform. This is one of the performances I’ve done. I’ve also been the APOLLO child stars of tomorrow. My videos are under Avniel Jackson on youtube. Thanks!


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