NBC’s “Constantine” Needs NY Types in Atlanta


CONSTANTINE is about to premiere on NBC and the new series is still filming season 1.

For next week, casting directors are looking to fill the roles of NYPD, NYFD and some lookie loos checking stuff out at the crime scene. If you live in the Atlanta area and have that cop look about you… check it out. The scene in question will be filming next Tuesday the 21st.

The DC Comics supernatural series “Constantine” will be premiering next week but still needs lots of extras to finish out the current seasons episodes. The new demon hunting series will star Matt Ryan as our man, Constantine, a supernatural investigator / demon butt kicker. The new TV series has also promised to stick to the comic book version more so than the Keanu Reeves film version did.

The production is looking to fill a number of roles which are listed below. The casting directors for this are Marinella Hume casting.

NBC constantine show casting principal roles in Atlanta

Seeking Multiple Roles to play New York City Types!

Films in Atlanta, GA area

Shoot Date: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21st, 2014

Subject Line: NYFD Tuesday

Police Officers
Subject Line: NYPD Tuesday

Lookie Loos
Witness to a crime scenen
Subject Line: Lookie Tuesday

Please Include 3 photos of yourself:
– 1 Head shot style
– 1 Medium Length
– 1 Full Length

These photos should have been taken recently and MUST reflect exactly what you currently look like (well lit & in focus)
Please Submit to the email below and include the following:

1. Legal Name
2. Phone Number
3. Email
4. Age
5. Height
6. Weight
7. Hair Color
8. Top Size
9. Tattoos (Yes/No – Location on Body)
10. Pant Size
11. Shoe Size
12. Current City
13. Car (Year/Color/Make/Model)


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