New CW Demon Series “South of Hell” Open Casting Call in South Carolina

Open casting call for extras and featured extras in Charleston

The new CW supernatural series,South of Hell”is about to begin production in the Charleston, SC area. Extras casting directors at Vanessa N Casting are seeking lots of extras of all ages, types and ethnicities. An open casting call will be coming up this weekend. The chilling new television series is scheduled to begin production in Charleston on October 20th.

“South of Hell” will follow a demon hunter named Maria Abascal. Maria and her brother track down the evil spirits that live in others and attempt to exorcise them. Maria has her own dark demons as well. Maria’s body is also invaded by an evil spirit who is also struggling to gain control.  It takes all of Maria’s strength to keep her demon in check and prevent her demon from overtaking her completely. “South of Hell” is actually set in the city of Savannah Georgia but will be filming in South Carolina.

“South of Hell will be filming eight 60-minute episode which is being produced by horror masters, Blumhouse (“Paranormal Activity,” “Insidious,” “Sinister”). Eli Roth (“Hostel“, “The Green Inferno“) is set to direct the first episode of the show.

CW's new demon series is hosting an open casting call this weekend

Those interested can come on down to the open call and meet with the show’s casting directors. Please note that you must bring a recent photo as they will NOT be taking photos at the call. Please the the information below for further details.


I am truly stoked about South of Hell… This is going to be the show people are talking about in my opinion. With that said for the pilot episode the Director is going to “picture pick” a majority of the background actors from the open call cards I show him. So if you want to be in the 1st episode, the best chance of working it is to come to the open call that I am having this weekend.

OUR OPEN CALL FOR SOUTH OF HELL IS THIS SUNDAY OCT 12TH, FROM 1:30PM-5:30PM AT 4800 Park Circle, North Charleston 29405.

We ask that everyone brings their own 3×5 or 4×6 recent photo as we will not have any way to take your photo. We are looking for the most interesting, unique, extras to be a part of the show. All ages, looks, ethnicities, and genders needed. We are especially interested in finding anyone that is a burn survivor, or has a congenital disability, or has a prosthetic limb, are a person of small stature, are a person of large stature, have unique piercings, are nondisabled, or has any visible characteristic that separates you from the crowd, we would be thrilled to have you be a part of our new TV series.

South of Hell is shooting in Charleston, SC and surrounding areas and we are looking forward to having locals be apart of this chilling new production.

YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN 3X5 OR 4X6 NO LARGER, RECENT PHOTO! WE WILL NOT BE TAKING PHOTOS ON SITE! I will also be scouting for stand-ins for the cast as well this weekend!

The casting directors are also looking for a few people in the area who can volunteer to help with the open casting call this weekend.

Please note that this is not the submission email, it’s for those who would like to help out.

I will be needing a few volunteers if you are interested please email with the subject line: “VOLUNTEER FOR OPEN CALL” along with your contact info and availability this weekend.

south of hell tv series - extras casting information in SC

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