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By | August 31, 2014

If our Skeletons were branches

Location: Philadelphia,PA

Type: Film

Casting New actors looking for experience, (or pros willing to lend a hand) to portray six young adults who decide to leave their destructive lifestyles, and go on a camping trip to find themselves. Must be between ages 17 – 20, slightly mature scenes are involved.

Casting these roles:

1. Mellie (17-18, brunett)
Young girl who comes from an overbearing family. She is loved by most, tries her best to help everyone, the youngest of the group.

2. Charli (18-20)
The “party” girl , leaves her wild destructive lifestyle of under aged drinking and night clubbing to find inner peace.
*More mature scenes and dialog, slight nudity involved, musical talent is suggested (guitar/ukulele and/or vocals)

3. Aro (18 – 20, tall)
The leader of the group, Wise beyond his years, self taught, and strong both physically and mentally.
*Must be between ages 18 -20, Mature scenes and dialog, slight nudity, musical talent is suggested (guitar/ukulele and/or vocals)

4. Beth (17-18, petite)
The quiet, fragile, sweetheart of the group , hints at death frequently, Is the “glue” that holds the group together, Mellie’s counterpart.

5. Norelle (17 – 20)
New to the group, Develops an extremely close relationship with Beth, becomes mentally unstable.

6. Ryland (18 – 20)
Mr. Helpful, level headed,Tries to help the group remain calm when Aro is unable to control the tension that begins to build.

Casting call for an indie film in Philadelphia, PA

(make email title role(s) reading for)

1) A minute long monologue, drama
2) A minute long monologue, comedy

COMPENSATION: Film credit, DVD copy, Snacks/beverages,
SUBMISSIONS TO INCLUDE: Headshot, Resume (optional)

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Philadelphia,PA
Please submit to:

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