Resurrection Season 2 Extras Casting Information

By | August 25, 2014

Season 2 of ‘Resurrection’ is now in production in Atlanta.

The show’s casting directors at CSC are seeking men to play residents of ‘Arcadia’. The show is looking for men ages 30 to 60’s who can play people employed in a variety of professions such as lawyers, teachers, mechanics, car sales men, custodians, etc.

Resurrection is a supernatural series about the dead coming back to life. In a small town called ‘Arcadia’ those buried may not necessarily stay that way. A boy named Jacob Langston (Landon Gimenez) was 8 when he accidentally drowned decades ago. Jacob is found alive and having never aged. He is returned back to his family in Arcadia but Jason is not alone. Soon, the town finds others have been resurrected as well and local officials are trying to solve the mystery.

The ABC show is based on the book “The Returned” by Jason Mott. “Resurrection” stars Omar Epps, Frances Fisher and Matt Craven.

ABC ressurection casting call for extras in Atlanta

The series is looking for men that have not yet appeared in the series for an upcoming scene that will film in Atlanta. Please only apply if you are local to the Atlanta area.

CSC and Resurrection/Season 2 seeking Caucasian MALES
Ages 30s-60s. CHARACTER FACES who live and work in
“Arcadia.” Are you a lawyer, school teacher/coach, mechanic, small business owner, car dealer, custodian, etc. or CAN YOU PLAY ONE ON TV?


subject: ARCADIA MEN
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