Spike TV “Catch A Contractor” Casting Homeowners

By | April 16, 2014

Catch A Contractor Season 2

Adam Corolla has his own show and he is going after shady contractors on national TV! Did a contractor you hired leave you high and dry?Is your project half way done and in need of completion?

Spike TV’s construction nightmare reality series “Catch A Contractor” is now casting homeowners who may need some help getting their contractor back on the job.

Homeowners: If you are the victim of a shady contractor, Spike TV wants to help you! If you are living in the wake of a con artist who needs to pay for what they’ve done, let us catch your contractor, end your construction nightmare and serve some justice.

Apply now at metalflowersmedia.com or email us directly at casting@metalflowersmedia.com with “Catch A Contractor” in the subject line.

Catch a Contractor casting homeowners

Adam Carolla & his team track down bad contractors and give them the opportunity to go back, work with the Catch a Contractor crew and finishing the job they started, then abandoned.

2 thoughts on “Spike TV “Catch A Contractor” Casting Homeowners

  1. Constance Miller

    I hired a contractor that tried to work without a permit and left my house unlivable. Please help I am living in a nightmare.

  2. alex pas

    There is a home owner that will have to sell her home to have money to live the rest of her life.
    Wonderful home overlooking La Costa Resort and spa in San Diego Ca. There is a opportunity to use the home to renovate or create a program that teaches. Our elderly population needs understanding what could happen or what can be done to help people that need direction. I’m at a loss on how to prevent the sale of her home. Thinking asking for any ideals.
    Hope to change three garage spaces into rental units for income, any thing that could increase value to this never upgraded 30 year old home the lot is large enough to expand.
    Who could you direct me to Adam Carolla & his team .


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