TBS Pilot “Vacation Land” is casting in NC

By | December 8, 2014

A comedy pilot for TBS is filming in North Carolina this month.

The untitled TBS project was previously called “Vacationland” and is written by Samantha Bee, “The Daily Show ‘s” correspondent and her husband, Jason Jones who also worked on “The Daily Show with John Stewart“. The new show will star Jason Jones and is inspired by the couples own family road trip experiences. According to Deadline,  Jones plays Nate, described as “a hopeful dad who hops in the car with his wife and two young kids for a 24-hour adventure” to Key West, Florida.

The TBS series is filming the pilot in the Wilmington area and the show is looking to cast paid extras who are available to work this week in the area. Ashley Bogart Casting is now filling roles that work Wednesday and Thursday at what will be a bar / truck stop scene. The show needs people with character faces to play bar goers as well as extras to play bikers, waitresses, bartenders and a DJ.

TBS Network new comedy show


Wilmington, NC- So they have added 10 Trucker, Biker types to a scene on WED DEC 10. Caucasian Males 21+up trucker types, rough and tough biker types. You would need to prepare for what could be a 530 am call time and could be a 12+hr day. Pay is a guaranteed $64 total for up to 8 hr and time and a half after 8. If available and interested please send recent photo, contact information, location to vacationextras@gmail.com SUBJECT: WED TRUCKER

Wilmington, NC- Ok here is the first extras casting call for UNTITLED TBS PILOT (Previously known as Vacation Land). Please note that I will need very little extras for this show and this casting call is for my largest day so make sure you apply to get in! The director has very specific notes and looks he wants so when I put descriptions with specific ages, ethnicities and looks that is who I really need to apply. So only apply if you meet requirements.

I do want to be upfront that this scene is suppose to take place it what is a back country road truck stop bar that happens to also be a strip club. There will be girls dancing so don’t apply if you would be uncomfortable in that kind of setting.

Below are the roles we are looking for to work THURSDAY DEC 11. Must be available for what could be a 12+hr day and could start as early as 5:30 AM. Pay is a guaranteed $64 total for up to 8 hr and time and a half after 8. If available and you meet requirements listed please send recent photo, contact information, location, height, weight, wardrobe sizes to vacationextras@gmail.com SUBJECT: THUR BAR. If you haven’t done so already please also visit www.extrassignup.com and register with our system.


BAR CUSTOMERS- Looking for Caucasian Men 21+up. Looking for redneck types, rough and tough bikers, and good ole trucker types. JUST NEED SOME GOOD CHARACTER FACES

BAR WAITRESS- We need 2 Caucasian females in your 50’s that looked a little weathered and run down.

BAR DJ- Looking for a Caucasian male in his 60’s who may look like he is knocking on death’s door a little

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    Im a very good actress.. I sing, dance and can make people laugh, I’m 15 years old and I have 8 other siblings. I’m the 2nd oldest on my moms side, my passion is to dance & sing but I love acting too. I’m a freshman in high school, I dance for Westover highschool and I’m a little weird. I love creating my own style and everything.


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