“No Time for the Pain” Open Call in Detroit

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Detroit Michigan Theater

Theatrical production “No Time for The Pain” will be holding open auditions for the roles listed below in Detroit Michigan.

Performance dates are July 25th, 26th – 8pm July 27th 2 & 8 Pm

Family ties are SHATTERED and DESTROYED when fraternal twins, Danielle and Eric confront one another on the issues of betrayal, infidelity and HIV!

Jackson “Veronica” Dupree:
Tall, African American male, gender illusionist, Late 30s-50, “motherly figure and nurturing”

LaTina McFarland:
Attractive African American, female, mid to late 30’s, slender yet buxom, Jackson’s Best Friend.

Raynard Stephens:
Tall, African American, male muscular build, very handsome, late 20’s-early 30’s,
straight acting and appearing, but OPENLY gay.

Danielle Richardson:
Attractive African American, female, 25ish, good girl with strong religious background.

Eric Richardson:
Danielle’s twin brother, African American openly gay with FLAIR!!!

Steven Echols:
Tall, African American, male, attractive, stocky, muscular build, with dancing ability, late 20’s-early 30’s,
butch exterior with a feminine undertone.

Shemika Daniels:
Pre-op transsexual, very feminine, late 20’s, “Veronica’s daughter” and protégé.

Robert Frosh:
African American, thick/stocky/muscular male, masculine yet sensitive, early 30’s, “blue collar” type.

Gloria Freeman:
Late 20’s, female any race “ghetto fabulous”

Richard Stokes:
African American male Late 20’s, thug type with a slight sensitive edge in conflict with himself

Dr. Shawn Franks
Male, very Attractive, HETEROSEXUAL, race open mid 40’s Thick Athletic build
professional with a smooth edge.
Casting Call “No Time for the Pain” Open Call
May 31st 2014 3pm-7pm
1515 Broadway Detroit MI 48226
E-mail: notimeforthepaintheatre@gmail.com
Tel: 5 Mo Artists 248-688-5178


About The Project:

No Time for the Pain” is not only a fun filled, side splitting, thought provoking piece of theatrical entertainment, it is an educational piece that will aide in the development of the necessary equity building and mainstream societal acceptance of a community often defined by its stereotypes and hyperbole. NTFTP can reach the masses, including the churchgoer, the club hopper, and the layperson through its strong message of relationship, commitment, and unification as it mirrors those challenges everyone faces through the medium of live theatre. With this being the first run of this production, this will be another installment of a dream that is now a vision becoming a reality. It is my praise report that this summation will sustain your interest in “No Time for the Pain” and you will consider this as a unique opportunity to provide the necessary support that will catapult this production into existence.

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