UK – Auditions for Lead Roles in Film ‘Paraphilia’ in Barcelona


UK actors wanted for a new film project to be shooting in Barcelona

A casting call is scheduled for the end of the month in Barcelona for a indie short film on the 27th, 29th and 30th. The film will shoot on the 6th of next month.

We are a group experimental artists and film makers creative collective and production company. We’ve now embarked in a very exciting new project: PARAPHILIA.

A short film, based on research in philosophy, psychology, sociology, anthropology and even zoology, about the nature and nurture of our sometimes-repressed sexual identities. The film follows a couple that meet and must make the right choices, regardless of outside pressures and pre-fab ideas, for their sexuality to flourish and their relationship to succeed.

CASTINGS will take place in BARCELONA between the 27th & 29th of AUGUST, from 5pm to 9pm + Saturday the 30th, ALL day.

Feature Film in Barcelona


  • FEMALE LEAD: a woman, between 25-35 years old, with strong facial traits and somewhat flexible (for a simple choreography). The character is awkward and constantly between daydreams, but sensual and calculated at the same time.
  • MALE LEAD: a man, between 25-40 years old, with strong facial traits and somewhat flexible (for a simple choreography). The character is silent, elegant but corky and slightly comedic.
  • SECONDARY ROLES (require English-speaking actors)
  • RELIGIOUS LADY: WOMAN between 50-75 years old.
  • VOODOO GIRL: dark skinned WOMAN, between 35-45 years old.
  • GOTHIC GIRL: light skin dark hair WOMAN, between 18-25 years old.
  • FOREIGN FRIEND: WOMAN with exotic facial features, aged between 25-40.
  • PHILOSOPHY PROFESSOR: MAN from age 40-60 with meaningful beard.
  • STUDENTS: 3 MEN and 3 WOMEN from different backgrounds, aged 25-35.
  • ANCHOR: WOMAN in her late 30’s, serious character and exotic features.
  • SPECIALIST: scruffy-looking scientist MAN, 35-50.
  • PSYCHOLOGIST: WOMAN in her late 40-50’s, tall, pale and sharp facial traits.
  • PATIENT: tall, handsome MAN in his 40’s, elegant and executive-looking.

Please SEND us your CV and PHOTO(s).


For more information, reservations and location of castings, in Barcelona.

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