Acting Auditions in Las Vegas – Teen & Adult Actors Wanted for Horror Web Series Filming in Early 2016


Auditions for teens web series “EPHIALTES”

Non-union, non-paid, Web Series project is accepting submissions for lead roles  and supporting roles in a Las Vegas, Nevada.  The project will be filming in Las Vegas, Nevada beginning in January 2016.

Ephialtes is a teen produced, independent sci-fi web- series based around a group of teenagers who are kidnapped and forced into a mind game warehouse by a dark ancestral entity after their parents accidentally sell their souls out of anger and rage. The teens are forced to overcome egos, fears and self awareness as they struggle to escape the warehouse. The problem is, every day that goes by, someone dies. Only one can make it out alive, but who will it be?

“Eight high school teens fight for their lives after they are kidnapped and forced into a warehouse by a dark ancestral entity. These teens are forced to complete tasks that push their limits, cause them to face their fears and fight for their lives as they try to escape…time is ticking, who will make it out?”

Auditions for the project are by appointment only. Please see submission instructions below. The video audition / submission deadline is December 7th,2015
Auditions will be held on December 12th, 2015 with callbacks following on December 13th, 2015

Auditions for web series

Please note that roles are unpaid. For more information about the series and its creators please see the projects kickstarter page at


Lead, Female, 16 – 18 yrs, (Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian)
The screamer, scaredy cat, Ava’s little minion. Bailey doesn’t know how to make her own decisions and people take advantage of her because of it.

Lead, Female, 16 – 18yrs, (Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian)
The sweet one, everyone wants to protect her. Madison tends to always end up at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Lead, Female, 16- 18 yrs, (Caucasian)
The Valley girl, over the top sarcastic chick. She has a loud mouth that causes her to constantly get into trouble.

Lead, Male, 16-18 yrs, All Ethnicities
Alex is the weird, outsider. he loves comic books, Harry Potter and has A LOT of flare to him. Alex is very effeminate and big on fashion.


Karen Reiner: (30 – 50 yrs) African American, Female. Karen is Zoe’s mom. She is a very caring nurturing woman, she will do any and everything to protect her family.

Janine Meyer: (30 – 50 yrs) Caucasian Female, (Red hair a plus) Janine is Asher’s mother, she is quirky, fun and is very care free and tries to find the positive in everything , but be careful because cross her the wrong way, she can be very intimidating.

Coach Meyer: (35 – 50 yrs) (Blonde hair a plus) Caucasian.Janine’s Husband, Male. Both the school football coach and Asher’s( David) abusive, militant, drill sergeant like father.
Nathan Sheffield: (30 – 50 yrs) All Ethnicities, Nathan is Alex’s father. he is one of those dads who rarely acknowledges his son and works way too much. He is rarely home but desperately wants to rekindle the relationship he has with his family.

Mrs. V: (50 – 70 yrs) All Ethnicites, Female. Extremely mysterious and intimidating. She is not the type of old woman someone would want to help or be polite to, she is the one everyone would want to stay away from.
Grace Donnelly: (30 – 50 yrs) Caucasian Female, Allison’s mother. Grace is very strict and works so much that she barely has time to bond with her daughter. She turned very bitter after her husband (Allison’s father) divorced her.

Rachel Myles: (30 – 50 yrs) Caucasian Female, Logan’s mother. She is just very bothered, she got out of an abusive relationship and is know dealing with her sick son.
Nurse’s 1 and 2: (20 – 40 yrs) All Ethnicites. Seeking woman to play hospital nurses.

Ephialtes Team – Please email with your headshot/resume attached and the role you are submitting for consideration. Please note your availability in the months of January and February of 2016. If you are not available for in person auditions you may request a self tape. Although we would prefer to see you in person. Sides will be sent accordingly to your character, before your audition.

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4 thoughts on “Acting Auditions in Las Vegas – Teen & Adult Actors Wanted for Horror Web Series Filming in Early 2016

  1. caleb hartman

    i’m interested in the part of Alex, who do i contact to audition for the part?

  2. Victoria

    Hello, my name is Victoria. I’d like to ask you if I can apply if I don’t live in America?

    1. erica Post author

      I believe this is an un-paid acting job, so they are probably looking for locals only.

  3. Devonte Morrison

    I am perfect for the role of Alex. Check me out please, and I live in Vegas as well. Give me a chance at an audition and you will see. Thank you.


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