Acting for Kids and Teens – Casting Short Film in Salt Lake City


Location: Greater Salt Lake area

Type: Other Projects

CASTING CALL – Short film – shooting 03/26-03/30 – PAID

On a Friday walk home from school, Russ, 16, takes his two younger brothers on an alternate route to his friend, Eddie’s house, to pickup something. But what should be a simple exchange, quickly gets out of hand when Eddie’s older brother, Marvin, takes an opportunity to ridicule one of Russ’s younger brothers. In the face of humiliation, Russ’s guardianship is put to the test.

Looking for five roles, 16 and under.
Russ White – 16 – lead

Oldest brother with two younger brothers and a baby sister. Sophomore in highschool. Plays JV Basketball. Is clearly the leader amongst his siblings and asserts himself as such. Responsible in school, always hits his school deadlines. Goes to the occasional party with his teammates. Does a good job hiding his deviant side from his parents. Keeps the fights and disagreements between his brothers and him hush hush and always comes to his brothers’ rescue if they get in a tussle with their schoolmates. Above all, his younger siblings respect him and he looks for opportunities to assert his manhood.

Scott White – 9 – lead
Youngest brother in the White family. 4th grade at the same school as James. Looks up to his older brother for style, work ethic, girl advice, and doesn’t back down from a fight with him despite knowing he’ll lose every time. Into basketball, baseball, most every sport his Mom will let him play… but the least athletic and coordinated of the bunch. Rags on his little sister whenever he gets the chance, and unlike Russ, usually gets caught doing it. Not the apple of his parents’ eye.

James White – 11 – supt
Middle brother, 6th grade. Learns just about everything from his older brothers, and listens to just about everything from them. Just as coordinated and athletic as Russ. Apple in his parents’ eye. Excelling in school. Anytime he has a problem with another kid in school, he can always count on his older brother to sort it out. Will watch Spongebob one minute, but then go shoot pellet guns in the woods with his brothers the next.

Kara White – 5 – supt
Not in school yet. Trusts each of her brothers blindly. Looks up to oldest brother the most. He’s the one that has the patience to play with her. Wears hand me down clothes from her brothers, and tries to tag along on most of their adventures… despite being most of the time against their will.

Eddie Tate – 16 – supt
Lives less than a mile from the school. Grew up alongside Russ but was never the best of friends. Older brother, Marvin, chose not to go to college, gets along fine, so Eddie doesn’t really plan to either. He’s already made that decision as a Sophomore in high school because he doesn’t really see the point of amassing tons of debt. His Father, who’s an electrician contractor, leaves it up to his sons to decide their lives for the most part. He just encourages them to stand up for themselves. Mother remarried and lives two hours away. Eddie drinks, smokes, wears the type of baggie jeans you might trip over if you tried to sprint in an actual emergency. But he’s no duntz, and if he seriously applied himself, could be an exceptional student. He just doesn’t have the best role models.

Payment – minimum $50/day + meals. Total budget is modest, but this payment is negotiable. Let’s try and work something out.

Auditions – March 9th thru 14th, 4pm to 9pm in Greater Salt Lake area. Location and final times will be emailed.

TO AUDITION, please email with headshot/pic of self, desired role, and date preference. We will email back with audition slot/location, sides/script, and answer any questions you have.

Note on filmmaker: Nathan Firn ( has directed multiple broadcast commercials for brands such as AmEx, Coca Cola, & Chevrolet. Represented at Smash Media, (

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Greater Salt Lake area
Please submit to: by 2015-03-06

This casting notice was posted by: Anh Phan / Casting Director / SMASH

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