Atlanta, GA Web Series Seeks Cast

By | January 20, 2015


Location of casting call: Atlanta, GA
Web series
This is a paid job.

The Web series is called Threesome, a comedic series about a young successful couple searching for the perfect woman to join their relationship and all the crazy, questionable and weird women they come across in their search.

The 3 female lead & supporting roles are for women whom are OK with Kissing another woman.


All actors wishing to audition for a male or female lead rold must submit a photo and resume to

Character Breakdown:

Justin (Lead) 31 -Any race except African America or Caucasian. Justin is a tequila creator and owns his own business. He has a very left wing idea of love, relationships and government and he wants a life with 2 women. He is a little timid and stumbles over his own words but when the time presents its self, he can take control

Vanessa (Lead) 30 – African American. Vanessa is a Boss, confident, powerful, strong minded, strong willed and is bi sexual. She is a business executive that controls half her company. She is sexually greedy, she wants a man and a woman and has no time for anyone that thinks what she is doing is wrong

Madison (Lead) 31 – Any race. Madison will ultimately become Justin and Vanessa’s girlfriend. She is mysterious, sultry and strong. She smiles easily, loves life and is up for anything as long as she is having a good time.

Charlie’ (Supporting) 33 – Any race. Charlie’ is nuts, a stalker, very dominating and she dubbed herself as Vanessa and Justin’s girlfriend. She doesn’t take no for an answer and she doesn’t ask for what she wants, she takes it. Vanessa and Justin are a little afraid but they like it

Austin (Supporting) 30 – Any race. Austin is Justin’s best friend and tries to be his voice of reason. Austin has several children by different women and is a womanizer although he hates to admit it.

Erica (Supporting) 29 – Any race. Erica is snooty, judgmental, spoiled and is one of Vanessa’s closest friends. Erica has the biggest problem with Vanessa’s lifestyle and she oversteps her boundaries in voicing her dislike for it

Dezi (Supporting) 31 – African American, Dezi if full of life, bubbly, happy and is Vanessa’s other best friend. Dezi supports Vanessa in everything she does no matter what it is. She runs a non-profit organization and loves to give of herself.
Other Roles

Vanessa’s Mother (50+)

Stripper (19 – 25) Must be OK in stripper attire (provided by us ) Topless pays more

Facilitator (40) Male any Race

“This Girl?” (Mid 20’s) Will have 3 different wardrobe changes to portray 3 different woman

Transsexual ( 19 – 30) Any race. Must be semi-passable

Jogging Girl (Mid to late 20’s) Any race, must be fit, big butt is ++++

Speaking Extra Roles

9 Female roles, any race and any age (1-5 lines)

6 Male roles, any race and any age (1-5 lines)

Please submit to before Jan 31, 2015

Atlanta Web Series

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