Auditions in Belfast for Experimental Short Film “Giants”

By | March 31, 2015

Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Type: Student Films

Giants is an experimental short fiction, following the relationship between a young man named Finn and a Giant, a figment of his imagination. The story is set in a fantasy future where Finn has been raised to believe that Giants created the world, serving as explanation for the erection of buildings, structures and forests.

Set on his walk through the woods where he first encountered another human, Finn considers the argument that this man posed; in that Giants could not have created everything, for there are things much too small for something so big to have precisely forged their existence.
This ‘wise man’ who had posed the counter-argument leaves Finn passionately fighting with his faith, convincing himself that the man of reason had disturbed what was once a comfortable belief of his.

The story very much explores the theme of faith, drawing on a classic fairytale and mythical relationship in a fantastical setting. It is about the struggle to remain loyal to one’s own ideals and perceptions based on our upbringing.

09:00-17:00 on Thursday 2nd April at Blick Studios, Malone Road in Belfast.

Upon our notification of your application, we will send you the locked script via CCP messaging platform so for you to prepare yourself for the audition, should the Director and Producer shortlist you for the auditioning process.

Casting Requirements
We are looking for a willing actor who has a personal interest in the concept and further to this, the script. Notably, ‘Giants’, is a Visual Effects- heavy story which relies on an actor’s professionalism and collaboration to act for VFX, as Post-Production will provide the only tangible evidence of the Giant. The chosen candidate must be able to work diligently, empathetically and comfortably with an intimate production crew, shooting with multiple cameras for VFX, in outdoor locations- although there are local unit bases with all necessary facilities.

You will be informed ASAP following your audition as to whether or not we would like to welcome you aboard the project as the preferred candidate.

Shoot Dates
We are shooting over the Easter weekend: Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th April, 2015; one day in Tollymore Forest Park, the other spent at Slieve Donard in Newcastle. We intend for the shoot to be slick following preparation for the VFX and Camera setup and it is likely that the shoot can be shortened to suit the chosen candidate’s schedule.

Auditions in Northern Ireland

Back Story

Finn has always acknowledged the Giants as the world’s creators. He only considered the existence of other people; and people with counter arguments until one day he met a wise man who suggested the existence of fairies. He is a determined man who has lived on the road for many years and in his solidarity, has created a relationship with Nephilim, a Giant whom he sees and speaks to.

Finn’s confidence in his belief is cracked upon this encounter which leads him to growing more restless and distressed during the conversation which the film depicts.

The Role
Finn sells himself as a character whom many relate to- the human need to feel security in our knowledge of our surroundings and in how we came to be is something we all question- the film, although very fantasy-based is grounded at the core and appeals to many actors of different ages and backgrounds.

Physical Characteristics
Caucasian, 18-40 years of age, Northern Irish. Medium-build, fit and healthy- appears as if he travels a fair bit.

Must be local and able to shoot on dates mentioned in breakdown. We will accept Self-tape footage if necessary.

Upon joining the project you will be required to sign an Actors’ Agreement in association with the University Insurance and Policy.
This project is in conjunction with the Protecting Actors Casting Agreement; Final Footage Agreement and Film Charter Agreement and the Production Team encourage a collaborative work ethic through production, looking for an actively involved cast. According to University Policy, the Team is unable to pay their actors directly for their work but expenses are paid for, including daily travel, catering and accommodation if necessary. Audition travel is negotiable.

You are guaranteed a digital and hard copy of the final film and an invite to any prospective screenings of the film. This film is intended for international film festival entry and you are guaranteed notification on any updates following our Post-Production period.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes,

Stone On the Hill Films

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Please submit to: by 2015-04-02

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  1. Ashleigh fittis

    Hello I’m interested in this production. I’m unemployed and am looking for work. I’m rather good at acting and singing.


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