Auditions in Lansing MI for Short Film Project


Open Casting Call in East Lansing MI

Short film project filming in the Lansing Michigan area will be holding auditions to fill a variety of roles next week

Location: Lancing Michigan

Type: Film

-Leslie, male or female, 35-45, ALL ethnicities, Worn out paramedic. Mission to save everyone’s lives.
-Clinton, male or female, 20-25, ALL ethnicities, Friendly and incredibly smart. Enjoys being alone.
-Death, Female, 25-45, ALL ethnicities, Trainee paramedic. Uses humor to get through day.
-Police Officer, Male, 22-50, White, Built and intimidating. New to the local cop force.
-Graffiti Artist, male or female, 13-20, Black, A rebellious teenager. Killed by white cop.
-Hysterical Woman, Female, 40-50, ALL ethnicities, A hysterical mother-like figure mourning the death of a child.
-Little Kid, male or female, 12-16, ALL ethnicities, A child killed in a bad neighborhood.
-Boss, male or female, 45-55, ALL ethnicities, Leslie’s boss. Understanding and kind.
-Bartender, male or female, 20-45, ALL ethnicities, Professional, unsympathetic.
-Medical Examiner, male or female, 30-55, ALL ethnicities, Curious and kind.

Michigan short film

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call:
Please see the casting notice attached for more information about the open call.

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