Auditions for Principal Roles on WIGN TV Networks Pilot “Picture on the Wall” – Michigan


Casting Calls for Principal Roles and Extras in TV show, ‘Picture on the Wall’ in Michigan

Location: Royal Oak and Lenox, Michigan

Type: TV Pilots

Great Oaks Productions and WIGN TV Network’s, ‘Picture on the wall’ is looking for Principal Roles and a few dozen Teenage Extras for its pilot episode. Based on the bestselling novel, Picture on the Wall, by Sara J. Livingston, an inspirational Christian romantic adventure. Amazon’s Top 100 hottest new releases. Set in the 60’s, it revolves around two young couples, Maggie and Luke, Jerry (Jeremiah) and Jennifer, and how God leads them to the truth through a picture on the wall. The show will inspire others to never give up hope and that true love is worth fighting for.

‘Picture on the Wall’ is produced and directed by Isaac Lawrence, Associate Producer Kerrene Covington, Script by Sara Gilley. Shooting locations will be in Macomb County, Michigan.

October 24th, 2015. 1:00PM – 5:00 PM
Location: Living Word Fellowship Church, 60170 New Haven, MI 48048
Call Back: Within 60 days

Please send resumes and headshots to and/or

1) Put the ROLE you are applying for in the subject line
2) Include your name, age, phone number, zip code, email address
3) Send a head shot, professional or candid photo in jpeg format –Make sure the photo is taken in decent lighting, no sunglasses, no hats. NOTE: Name your jpeg photo with your full name.


LUKE/ Male / 17 – 25 years/

Luke is a street wise 19 year old, tough but kind, dark hair. Male lead. He’s upset at God for his father dying suddenly. Love interest of Maggie. God speaks to him through a dream that leads him to the picture on the wall and ultimately salvation. The change in him has a domino effect on others.

MAGGIE / Female / 15 – 25 years/

Maggie is a sweet 17 year old with a shy demeanor but finds an inner strength that surprises even herself. Dark hair. Female lead. Her best friend in Jennifer. She comes from an alcoholic home with a father who is aggressive and a mother who is passive. She falls in love with Luke. This actress will also need to do a narrative role through parts of the script.

YOUNG MAGGIE/ Female / 5- 9 years/

Young Maggie shows the younger years of Maggie during a flashback and an abusive side of her alcoholic dad, Roger. A small role.

JOHN/ Male/ 18-30 years/

John, protective older brother of Maggie. He is her understanding shoulder having grown up in the same alcoholic home. He’s 21 and lives on his own. Small role. Needs to be able to drive.

YOUNG JOHN/ Male / 9- 13 years/

Young John is abused by an alcoholic father and tries to protect his little sister, Maggie. Small role

JERRY / Male / 17 – 25 years /

Jerry is a 19 year old hothead, trouble-making best friend of Luke. Sandy blonde/brown hair. Male secondary lead. He is always looking for a fight and always feels wronged. He does not like anyone at first then he falls in love with Jennifer. His character changes the most dynamically by what he witnesses in his buddy Luke.

JENNIFER / Female / 17 – 25 years/

Jennifer, sweet with a well meaning motherly demeanor. Has great advice and confidant. Maggie’s loyal best friend. (Just graduated high school, 17 years old) Dark hair. Female secondary lead. She clashes strongly with Jerry at first. They end up falling in love.

ROGER / Male / 35 – 60 years/

Roger, the abusive father of Maggie. Male lead. He is miserable and angry. Steeped in alcoholism, his is physically and verbally abusive. He is the villain in the script and remains that way. He thinks up ways to hurt others and takes joy especially when his daughter is uncomfortable.

SUSAN / Female / 35 – 55 years /

Susan is the mother of Maggie. Very passive, quiet, sheepish and withdrawn. She is married to Roger an alcoholic abusive husband. She does find strength when she sees her daughter being mistreated by Roger and finally stands up to him saving her from any further abuse.

SHIRLEY / Female / 16 – 20 years /

Shirley loves socializing. (Just graduated high school, 17 years old.) She knows all the latest news about others. Friends with Maggie, Jennifer, and Paula.

PAULA / Female / 15 – 20 years /

Paula accidentally blurts things out (if it comes to mind she says it), fidgety (just graduated high school, 18 years old) She has an interest in Jeremiah also, not knowing that Jennifer likes him causing a rift that mends. She is friends with Maggie, Jennifer, and Shirley.


25 Male and Female / 13-20 years/

For a scene at a drive-in restaurant and a scene at a an other Restaurant we will need teenage patrons.

Fighting Gang / Male / 14 – 20 years/

4 male roles. Possible speaking parts. Gang members fighting with Luke and Jerry at a Restaurant.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Royal Oak and Lenox, Michigan
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: WIGN TV Networks, Great Oaks Productions

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  1. Johnnie small

    Acting is not a profession in my opinion it’s an art and acting for a national tv channel would be the peak of my career.


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