Auditions for Speaking Roles in Indie Movie “Would You Know” – Newark, NJ




Type: Film

AUDITION DATES: Sat March 28th, April 11th& April 18th,
Auditions times on all dates from:11am til2pm. Respond to createdbyhim@ymail for day and time for audition to Mark Rose casting director. Note: On audition day, please bring resume and picture, Thank you.

ISAAC MITCHELL: Age 28-30- African American- Handsome- Warrior- Sexy- Suave-Intelligent- Strong willed- Strong Personality-Fearless- Bold- – Spiritually In tuned. (Isaac often referred to as King or Lion King)

JEREMIAH MITCHELL: Age-60-62-African American- Tall- Fit- Distinguish- Handsome- Suave -Highly Intelligent- Warrior- Great discernment- Former C.I.A Agent- Commanding Chief of the Levitical Priesthood and Watchmen Society- Highly Skilled- Bold- Out Spoken – Fearless

BUDDY- Age 20-23- Alcoholic- Defiant- Funny- Head strong- Smart mouth
Knows what up in the Community-

PASTOR JENKINS-Age 60-62-Honest- Serious – Gentile- Loving- Respected- Approachable – Humble- (Referred as Matthew)

THE VOICE- Age 47-49- African American- One of the figure heads for the Illuminati- Distinguish gentlemen- Handsome- Suave- Mysterious- Clever- Arrogant- Fearless (Referred as David)

ORLANDO- Age 26-28- Hispanic or Dominican-Handsome-Isaac childhood friend- Aggressive – Apart of Isaac’s team- Outgoing personality- very respectful
(Referred as Land)

GLIDE-Age 28-30- African American- Tall-Handsome- Built- Isaac’s right hand man- Smooth- Tough- Bold- Stylish- Perceptive- Observant.

JAG- Age 26-28- Native American- Handsome- Articulate- Technical genius- Mild manner- Edgy

JAY- Age 26-28- African American- Cute- Silent type- Observant- Explosive expert-
Unpredictable – cynical

DETECTIVE ORE-Age-30- Female- Muti-Ethnic- Medium build- Model type- very attractive – Bold- Tough (Referred as Faith)

AUNT PEG-Age- 55- African American- Spontaneous- Witty- Outspoken- Stylish-

AZAZEL- Head Demon- Shift shaper-Intimidating- Very arrogant- Bold- Devious

ZENZAT- Demon- Shift shaper-Devious- Bold- Intimidating

USAY-Demon- Shift shaper- Devious- Bold- Intimidating

SiNNETTA-Age- 25- African American- Jamaican- Haitian- Female- Demon- Attractive- Sexy- Model type- Classy- Seductress- Shift shaper

CATINA- Age- 48 -50- Latino- Female- Outspoken- Humorous-

PASTOR RAMOS-Age- 40-45- Latino- Male- Former gang member- Radical- Outspoken- Intelligent- Discerning- Tough (Referred as Luis)

PASTOR RAYNOR- Age 47-49- African American Female- Attractive- High Maintenance – Classy- Speaks her mind- Outgoing personality

PASTOR HERMAN- Age -55-57- Jamaican- Humble- Direct- Caring

PASTOR JONES- Age- 40-45- African American- Confrontational – Opinionated

JEFFERSON ORE- 60-62- Muti Ethnic Mild manner- Smart- Humble- Very skilled

PASTOR JESSUP- 47- Caucasian- Devious – Shift shaper- Sneaky

IZZY- 29-30- Latino- Isaac lady- Pretty- Sexy- Petite- Soft spoken- Modest –
Outgoing personality

TAYLOR- 22-African American- Fame’s girl- Boisterous-Ghetto girl- Bad Attitude

SHOCK-26- African American- Apart of Fame’s crew- Challenging- Tough- Bold

WEAZEL-24- Jamaican – Fame’s crew- Easy intimidated –

ANT- 24-African American- Fame’s crew- Loyal- But not a pushover

TOUGH GUY NO1- 12- African American- Kind of sensitive- Not so hard headed

TOUGH GUY NO2- African American- Hard core- Disrespectful-

BISHOP NELLASON- 55- AFRICAN AMERICA- Very Flamboyant- Carefree – Nervous Type

MERCY THOMAS- 65- African American- Martha’s best friend- Snooty – Arrogant

HUNTER-55- African American- Intelligent- Tough- Body builder type –Handsome- No nonsense

MAYOR- 67- Caucasian- Personable- Sweet personality-

ELDER ORE- 65-68- Muti Ethnic- Man of few words- Serious

MOTHER GAINS- 80- African American- Humorous – Loud – Bold

LADY MINSTER- 40- African American- Outrageous – Snooty

DET. GRAYSON- 50- Caucasian- Cold- Sneaky- Mean

DR. TORREY- 58- Any Race- Physicists- Diplomatic- Genius- Humble
Soft spoken

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: NEWARK, NEW JERSEY
Please submit to: by

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Newark indie film auditions

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