Auditions For TV Commercial in Austin & San Antonio Texas – Families, Couples & Roomies, SAG Scale Pay

By | February 21, 2015

TV commercial filming in Texas is seeking to cast families, couples and roommates who are too busy to clean or love to clean.

Casting directors Tisha Blood & Matthew Taylor are looking for people who fit into a few different groups, Families with messy hobbies, compulsive cleaners, collectors and those who are just way too busy to worry about cleaning. The spot is looking different kinds of modern families, working couples, single parents, multi-generational and more.

Does your family constantly make a mess? Well here’s a way to make some good cash off those mess cats. The TV commercial is looking for those living in the in the Austin, Texas or San Antonio Texas area. There will be in person auditions next week and the commercial will be filming late next month.

Bless this mess TV commercial in Austin

CASTING SEARCH – Austin + San Antonio Area
Families, Couples or Roommates Too Busy to Clean
We are looking for time-starved families who face a particular cleaning problem. The modern family can take on many forms – traditional, single parent, blended, breadwinner moms and stay at home dads, multi-generational, dual working couples and roommates sharing a household can all qualify as families. We are open to all combinations and all ethnicities.

We are looking for

Families that are so busy, that the time they have to spend together is precious. They do what they love and they don’t clean often enough and sometimes doing what they love to do just makes a bigger mess.

People frustrated with having to clean with a rag and spray. They are busy and dont have the time or interest in the tedium of picking up objects they collect, wiping them off and putting them back.

Busy families that dont want to live with dirt and dust, but no matter what they do, it just keeps coming back. Its a constant and exhaustive battle for them, but these are the kind of people who never give up, even when they are losing the battle.

Audition Location – Austin, TX
Audition Dates – February 26 + 27, 2015
Shoot Dates – End of March – beginning of April, 2015
Pay Rate – SAG National, if you get this gig, it’s good $$$.
Shoot Location – Austin/San Antonio, TX Area
Casting Directors – Tisha Blood + Matthew Taylor of Buffalo Casting

To Be Considered
Please send an email to with the subject “Hot Mess!” with your name, recent photo of your family/roommates, tell us your story and how you fit the criteria and your contact information.

Please share, forward or repost, but DO NOT alter the content.
Thank you and good luck,
Buffalo Casting


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