Casting 2 New Reality Shows Nationwide – Obsessed With Another Country & Polygamist Game Show


Are you obsessed with another country?

Location: nationwide

Type: Reality TV

Do you think you were born in the wrong country? Are you in love with another country’s culture? A major production company is currently casting people who are obsessed with another country/culture. Tell us why you think you were meant to be in another place!

Also, seeking the following….

Production company casting open-minded polygamists

Location: nationwide

Type: Reality TV

A major production company is casting open-minded polygamists currently on the search for another person to add to the family. Are you and your spouses searching for another sister-wife? Well, let us help you! We are currently casting polygamists to participate in a bachelor style game show. Please email if you, or someone you know maybe searching for love.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: nationwide

Folks interested in applying for either show may send their photo and contact info to address below.
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: Su Hong

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2 thoughts on “Casting 2 New Reality Shows Nationwide – Obsessed With Another Country & Polygamist Game Show

  1. allison coxwell

    I’m 27, mildly autistic and I absolutely love love, love Australia. I know more about that country than I know about the USA. My dream in life is to visit Australia.
    Please help me get to see the beautiful continent of Australia. I wish I lived there!
    If my parents would have followed their dream then I would’ve been born there. They once wanted to live there too. Australia is GODS country, help me get there please.

  2. Joey Ramirez

    I have said my whole life I belong in London! I’m so infatuated with it and I feel like I’m leaving my real life over there without me! Please help me get there for the first time of my life to be sure I’m not wasting my life away being a cop in Texas.


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