Casting App happy singles in NYC Area


Network TV Seeking App-Happy Single Men & Women “Swiping” for Love & Fun in NYC

Location: New York City, NY

Type: Docu-series

Emmy-Winning TV Producers Seeking App-happy Gals & Guys “Swiping” for Love, Fun or Relationships

Are you a single twenty-something restlessly checking your dating app in search of that one incredible person who will change your life and make your dreams come true? Or perhaps you are a people person and just get bored easily, thriving on new adventures. But do you ever worry that you are being too picky? Or are you convinced that the next swipe could lead to your perfect match? Certainly, your dating app wants you to think so. But what do you think? If we are being honest, most of us ask ourselves these questions on a regular basis.

In a quest for answers, the producers are filming a documentary series on our dating-app addiction. It will be broadcast by a major TV network. To be clear, this is NOT a typical fantasy-staged reality show trying to pair plastic-looking Ken and Barbie doll-type on the studio set of some lush resort. Instead, this realistic look at contemporary dating life will take place in the streets, parks, and restaurants of the world’s greatest–and sometimes most stressful–city.

new dating reality show casting call

And did we mention casting? Here’s who we are looking for: attractive, diverse men and women who are well-educated and working towards their career goals, whether that be in the arts, business (hospitality or media industries for example) medicine or law. If you live in the “Girls”-type neighborhoods of Brooklyn or hang out in the downtown scene, so much the better. To be selected, you must be willing to have one of our charming – and sympathetic – videographers follow your dating life over several weeks. This is not for the fickle or indecisive. From the highs to the lows, whether the date yields a good catch or a freak, whether it is successful or disappointing, at least you’ll have company!

So just send us an email at with your name, recent photos, cell phone, and a short, informal “bio” with a brief note why you think you’d work on the show. We’ll be scheduling meetings soon, which will generally take place in midtown Manhattan, but we’ll get back to you with available times and specific place. So drop us an email today!

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: New York City, NY
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