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Type: Reality TV

Casting Info:

E! Entertainment and Evolution Media are searching for potential patients for Botched.

Do you hate your results after having gone under the knife – OR – have you gone too extreme or had too much done and now hate your look? Did you have a botched plastic surgery? Have you had multiple plastic surgeries in pursuit of ultimate perfection? If your results are not what you wanted, then we want to hear your story!!!

To apply follow the link to our website: http://bit.ly/1IhLxWy

City or Location of call: NATIONWIDE

Please submit to: botchedcasting@evolutionusa.com

This casting notice was posted by: Evolution Media

Botched season 3

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  1. Annette Swann

    I would so love to be considered for this, but I can’t apply from Australia. Is this only for people who reside in the USA?

  2. joan o'keefe

    Hello, can anyone help me get my friend an audition or an application for botched. She had a double mastectomy but a Dr. who butchered her and the plastic surgeon who put in expander in and put gel in plants in that were unbearable to have inside of her. Being on Medicaid they just made a mess of my friend, they cut way too much skin off from the beginning. It’s sad that she has a concave chest do to two doctors negligence. She went to two plastic surgeons in our area and they won’t touch her. Can you help her? Sincerely Joan O’Keefe

  3. Juliana Abdullahi

    I am so please with what you guys are doing. I have not done any before but I need my thighs and upper arm work on. I can’t remove dress in front of my husband because he will always compliant making me look stupid all the time.please help me.

  4. Lisset

    Hola tuve 2 cesareas y una tercera cirugia en la misma para una salpingo y mi panza quedo dividida y eso me no me gusta. Cree que me pueda ayudar?

  5. Rose acevedo

    Had rhinoplasty done about 15 years ago while having sinus surgery, developed lots of scar tissue around nostril, been to 5 different doctors trying to get answer why my nose turning wider and wider . Nobody would touch my nose all doctors claim nothing they can do I have never seen anyone with my problem. Not to say how it affects my sleeping with snoring, I’m very concious about it, need help please I will only accept your opinion as my last. Hope to hear from you. Thank you

  6. Ayanna John

    I actually hate my stomach doesn’t matter how much I exercise, not going no where. I would love to have a flat stomach never was I in a bikini and my dream is to be in a bikini.

  7. tammi Terry

    I have a botched chin had it since birth it hangs like a double chin. If you could do anything to help me call me.

  8. Crystal

    Hello! My name is Crystal, I’m a proud mother of 3 kids. I’ve had 4 c-sections which left my stomach looking mutated. I don’t have a belly button and I have a horrible flap clothes don’t fit right. I have a lot of pain where my incisions are. I will not let my husband see my stomach, I can’t hardly look at it. I try not to look in the mirror. It’s depressing and I’ve suffered from depression. I feel even worse when my husband says he doesn’t mind. But I do. Please help me make my life a little better.
    Xoxo I love your work! -Crystal

  9. Maricela Madrigal

    I just turned 34 years old and have never got to wear a two piece bikini due to bringing in 3 beautiful children in to this world. My first born at 21 years old, now 12 yrs old then a 8 yr old who will be 9 years old soon and a 4 year old. I was left with the most horrendous tummy full of stretch marks, not from scratching but from going from a size 1 to a size 16, yes a 16. I never scratched my tummy, legs, or breast. I just got them from getting so big but it was worth it. I brought my 3 beautiful children in this world so I’m asking Dr Terry and Dr Paul for help so one day I may fit in with the rest of the women in my family. I am always told to go to Mexico and fix it. It’s cheaper but I would never trust them at all. I’m a single mom of 3 beautiful children. I watch the show every day and hope to be on the show to get help so one day I may feel comfortable with my body. I just want to be happy one day. So I’m asking for help. I’ll be so grateful to you both. With much love and loyalty, no matter what your guys choice is in helping me one day! I’m hoping that you can.

  10. Lee

    I had nose surgery from the same surgeon on my nose 3 times. First time was great but the doctor said it was a little thick he would slim in down a little. No cost for surgery only operating room and anesthesia. I thought great. But he put this hug plastic piece in. I hated it so he took it out. It left scar tissue on the bridge of my nose. It would move around and was a little lumpy. He said he could take that off. Hell, my nose looks like I was attacked by a dog. Crocket huge whole between my nostrils. Huge dent and looks like a bite mark on the left side. I wrote into botched! and have heard nothing. My nose looks worse than any nose job I’ve seen on botched!

  11. faye

    My problem may seem small compared to the others but it is something I have had a problem with most of my life. I have not had surgery in this area, it’s a deformity I was born with. I have a deformed foot problem. I have spent most of my life making up excuses not to show my feet. I wear socks a lot or shoes that cover most of my feet. I would love to get my feet done with my friends but I’m to embarrassed. It’s crazy how something that seems so small could take control of your life. My mom always says be glad you can walk and I am. I wish I didn’t care but its hard. Please help or point me in the right direction. Love the show love you guys.

    1. Tamara Mcmillan

      Wow I too have a foot deformity. I was born with.. brachymetatarsia, mine is on both feet and it affects only my 4th toe… It has affected me all my life in such a negative way. It’s so overwhelming especially as a woman. I feel your pain let me know if you have any luck. have a great one.

  12. Nadine. Washington

    My name Is Nadine Washington, In 2011 I was told that my right breast had cancer in it at the first stage. Mother died from cancer In 2002. Well I miss her too. And not only that but I live alone here in the same apartment. My life seems over. When the doctor seen part of my breast he mentioned the back is were the skin would be removed. My right breast around the back is scared very bad. And I haven’t a nibble on the breast. After that in 2014, I received mocosecic fagotos, sorry I don’t know how to spell that. That means I have skin caner. But what really is wrong is that my stomach looks pregnant as if I was 12 months pregnant. Wish I can be able to receive surgery, Please reply. THANK YOU.

  13. Donna Doak

    I am a 52 year old woman who had a hysterectomy and now needs a very bad tummy tuck and some facial surgery for my eyes. I’ve had 15 surgeries total none of them reconstructive, but I’ve lived in pain for 27 years and I am now just morning to get some surgery done to fix my tell. I would like to have some surgery to fix my eyes. I have always taken care of others and never done anything for myself. I’m disabled and really don’t have the money, but would just like to be noticed.

  14. Christine Malke

    Got in a car accident , lost my best friend and finance of 4 years. My nose broke. I was so sad and mentally unable to perform surgery at only 22 years old. Now that I am 26, I work at a law firm and want to be a lawyer. I am now off my parents insurance. Now that I am mentally ready for the surgery, it’s too late because I don’t have insurance anymore. I need the surgery to breath. I can’t believe and snore, I have a scar on my nose from the accident that reminds me of it every time I look at my face. My nose was never big, it was a perfect nose. I just want to breath again and have my nose back. I don’t want to be reminded of the worst thing that happened to me in my life. This surgery will heal not just my nose, but a chapter in my life I can’t forget.

  15. Ariel Reid

    I got a fat transfer in 2014. During that time my son was 4yrs old. I am not a really heavy woman but I am wide. I walked in the office about 30 lbs overweight. I asked for a fat transfer. I scheduled a consult with the owner and then they wanted me to see their doctor that will operate on me. He said that he would lipo my entire back, sides, and stomach. During the healing process, I noticed my stomach being uneven. Its extremely noticeable. I have a fat pouch in the bottom of my stomach but then I have one area where it is suctioned to the muscle. I hate my stomach. I have folds on my back because he never touched my upper back. It looks ridiculous. My buttocks aren’t as big as I asked. My waist isn’t coca cola and he didn’t install my hips to complete my figure. I want a nose job but I dont know who to trust but the Botched surgeons. I am tired of hiding the mess that the doctor made to my body. I’m only 26 years old and I am, once again, back to feeling insecure about my body. Help!

  16. Ashley Allen

    I never had surgery before I had 3 pregnancies and 4 children. My breasts are in need of a breast lift and I need liposuction on my stomach.

  17. Vivian Reed

    Can you do scar revisions without being on the show?

  18. Nanette Mathias

    My name is Nanette Mathias I have had surgery for severe obstructive sleep apnea. I have had to have my bottom jaw and top jaw and chin forward a half inch six months later from my surgery. I had my jaw crushed it severed main nerve. I am numb on my bottom lip and chin. I lost my looks, people don’t recognize me. I lost my smile this surgery made my nose flip up and my nostrils are big. I think I look like a monkey. My lip is too low, I bite it a lot I have had rinoplasty done and my lip was supposed to be lifted but now I have a huge scar under my nose sometimes my muscles don’t work right but what’s really awful for me is to look in a mirror and not recognize myself. I have lost a lot of self esteem issues. If that’s not enough, I slobber and can’t feel if anything is on my face. I had to get braces after I healed and that helps me to eat better. But I can live with the numbness. I just wish with all my heart I could have my scar fixed and my nose and lip put in place so my face looks normal.

  19. Steve McCarty

    I live in Whittier, CA. Near LA

    1. Steve McCarty

      It’s me again, I still would like my stomach Liposuctioned then have the extra skin removed, my man-boobs gone.
      I would also like my inner and outer upper legs Liposuctioned. I also have a little ball of fat, on the back of one of my legs from a old surgery. Please help.

  20. Steve McCarty

    I am in a wheelchair and I need my stomach worked on. Also my upper inner and outer legs, it would make catheterization so much easier. I could stay in my current chair. I also would like to get rid of my man boobs. I have a Baclafen pump in my right abdomin.

  21. Amy Dismukes

    I have tried to do the application 5 times no success, I know that what you both do is life changing , but for some it’s cosmetic. For me , it would truly be LIFE CHANGING! It would take way more than this small thing to truly explain , however , I had 7 lumpectomys 4 on one side 3 on the other. The surgeon said your gonna have to have a small implant (under the muscle) I awoke and it was elephants on my chest , awful! The next week my partial hysterectomy was scheduled my OBGYN said he can do a mini tuck and go around your sides and pull your hiney up and pull your thighs up (lower body I guess ) I had lost 100 lbs on my own after having 4 kids! I woke up no thighs done no hiney no sides done and I have a pooch over my vagina and my boobs are at my knees they are a 700cc I’m 135 lbs! But one goes one way and one the other when I lay down! It’s so thin under them I could put my nail thru it. So I haven’t worn a swimsuit in public since I had kids and I can’t even worn shorts! And my nose (diff story how but it got broken and my teeth knocked out finally got septic and had to have all pulled this may but I’m 38 and I can’t deal with the dentures , I know your not a oral surgeon, but I feel like if maybe u may one. After being in this abusive relationship for 20 years and no family (besides my kids and him ) I feel like I can have more spunk to start over ….. Ty

  22. Nadine Gorogiani

    Hello, I love your show. I so love the fact that these most gifted Drs. take on cases and bring joy to such devastated people. I too am a victim of a botched Plastic surgery. I had a Brazilian butt lift. I was left with scars, sagging skin, one side bigger than the other, fat Pools at top of my thighs, hips are concave and uneven… My crack is not centered. Not what I expected. Surgeon kept suggesting revisions, after doing countless procedures, I was always more disappointed than before. I am so ashamed of my butt. Buying clothes to fit is a nightmare. Swimsuits etc. are out of the question. I dress to hide the shape of my butt. I am in good shape otherwise. It is so hard to explain the feeling when a part of your body looks so gross.
    Obviously I would LOVE to be selected to be on your show. Anything these Drs. could do, would be such an improvement.
    I would be the happiest person in the world, I will always watch Your show. You are amazing… Carry on!
    Thanks for Your time, Nadine

  23. jona

    I am a mother of 3. I had surgery to make sure that I can no longer have children after the birth of my first child, my stomach has been deformed and abnormal. I have always wanted a normal stomach. I have been told I have a hernia. other side of a half a football. I haven’t showed my stomach since my first child, she is 13 years old now. I’ve always wanted to be able to show my stomach and to be normal. I was wondering if maybe I could help me. I would like to get a mommy makeover….

  24. Stefeny

    I had rhinosplasty in another country, now no one in the USA will help. Not something everyone can notice unless told. the tip of my nose is pointed to the side and I’m so self conscience about it. I wont do certain things like face down or lay back any position that will make it obvious I’ll stay away from.

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