Casting Call in Denver, Colorado for Film and Web Series

By | January 26, 2015

Perplexity Pictures Casting for Feature Film and Web Series

Location: Denver, Colorado

Type: Film


February 28th, 2015: Noon – 5pm

Email a headshot, resume, preferred project and preferred times to for a time slot, preparation information, and casting location.


Perplexity Pictures is casting for two projects, filming later this year:

Sun, Moon, Stars, Rain – A semi-episodic feature film exploring love stories of the disenfranchised and the moments that make up a life. Shooting mid-late July. Compensation negotiable.

DECREES – A comedy web-series about two best friends learning critical life lessons the hard way – out of their trials, come the “DECREES”. Casting supporting roles only. Shooting March – May, weekends only. Non-paid roles.

Food and amenities provided for on set time. A copy of the finished product for your reel.



Sun, Moon, Stars, Rain

DEREK – male, early-mid 20s – Preferably non-white – A boy who had to grow up too fast. Self-assurance and conviction hard-won through a life of struggle. He speaks simply and as though he’s grown up on the streets, though he is well-educated. Passionate, daring, fun.

JOSEPH – male, mid-late 30s – Boring, and lonely because of it. He seeks connection in every person he sees, often falling short because of his eagerness. Inquisitive and childlike but odd and prone to bursts of aggression.

JOELLE – female, 18-45 – A woman of strong action and few words. Determined and dominant. She feels things deeply and keeps her emotions hidden away. Recently lost a child in a late-term miscarriage. ALICE’s wife.

ALICE – female, 18-45 – Effervescent and fun, she is a woman that holds nothing back. She loves talking through issues and speaking her mind. Catty and excitable. Recently lost a child. JOELLE’s wife.

LILY – female, late-20s, early-30s – Preferably non-white – Fun and laid back. She has always wanted a perfect family, at any cost, and has strong ideas about what love looks like and requires. She values comfort and strives to avoid conflict. Sees the good in everyone, even when not much exists.

MICHAEL – female, late-20s, early-30s – White – A kind, loving man with a strong, dominant character. Struggles with alcoholism, pride, and the need to be a provider and a “man”. Charming and helpful when at his best, degrading and menacing when at his worst.

SUZANNE – female, late 30s, early 40s – Helpful and protective. Strong and observant, the quintessential older sibling.

MAN – mid-60s- late-80s- And old-school gentleman who has learned to live in the moment. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him, except his wife.

WOMAN – mid-60 – late-80s – Strong-willed and stubborn. Loving and sweet. A true mother. She has achieved ultimate comfort in herself and in her husband.

Denver auditions for movie "Decree"



ASHLEY – female, 20’s. Friendly neighbor, nerdy with an air of confidence.

LAURA – female, 20’s. Cute until she is provoked. Doesn’t fall in love easily.

JENNA – female, 20’s. Loud and boisterous. Uninhibited and a little impulsive.

ANITA – female, 20’s-30’s. Professional and straight-forward. Wise beyond her years.

Email a headshot, resume, preferred project and preferred times to for a time slot, preparation information, and casting location.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Denver, Colorado
Please submit to: by 2015-02-22

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