Casting Teen Lead and Supporting Roles in Charleston, SC Film “Second Place”




Type: Film

I am casting for a short film entitled Second Place. We are looking to shoot for a few days in early to mid June.

Film Synopsis: Bryan tries to find the perfect way to show how much he loves Carmen. Unfortunately, she is dating the school bully, Ricky, who has also been bullying Bryan. Carmen sees Bryan as just a friend and does not know about the feelings he has for her. When paired up for a school project, Bryan tries one final time to prove his love for her and expose her boyfriend Ricky as a heartless person leading to a terrible showdown in the end between Ricky and himself.

casting call for teens in Charleston SC

Casting lead/supporting roles below:

Gender: Female
Race: interracial (African American/Caucasian)
Age: 17
Body type: short, fit
Personality: kind, charming, naive

JAIMIE MORGAN (Carmen’s friend)
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian
Age: 16
Body type: short, fit
Personality: stuck up, snotty, ditzy

Gender: Male
Race: any ethnicity
Age: 19
Body type: very tall, lean, borderline thick
Personality: Cold-hearted, disrespectful, and unintelligent

ROBBIE ROBINSON (Ricky’s friend)
Gender: Male
Race: any ethnicity
Age: 17
Body type: medium height, thick
Personality: friendly, mild-hyper activity

JESSICA NEAL (Carmen’s friend)
Gender: Female
Race: any ethnicity
Age: 16
Body type: Short, fit
Personality: Smart, nerdy, not a lot of book sense

Auditions will be held in-person on May 31st with location and time being sent out by May 24th. If you are unable to make the in-person audition please specify that in your email. Sides will be emailed.

SUBMIT HEADSHOTS AND DEMO REELS (if you have one) to SECONDPLACEFILM@GMAIL.COM with the subject being your name and character you are auditioning for.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: CHARLESTON,SC
Please submit to:

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