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By | March 12, 2015

Location: Charlotte, NC

Type: Theater

Stage play casting

Bad Luck Stage Play is casting for eleven characters. Must be local, able to pull off the character, and available to attend rehearsals. Please reply to the posting if interested with the character name in the subject line. Sides will be emailed to you, be prepared to show the emotion of that scene in your monologue presentation. If you are chosen you will be contacted with information on the casting call. Please know this is a paid casting. Serious inquires only.

Characters: this is just the back-story of the characters.

Main Roles

Hattie: (40+ African American woman, lead role, comparison Actress Jennifer Lewis, Loretta Divine, Octavia Spencer) She the Grandmother of
Desirae, she is a wise cracking and witty woman. Character is very humorous and infectious. Main interaction with everyone in the story.

Desirae: (Mid 20’s African American woman, lead role, comparison actor Taraji P. Henson, Megan Goode, Jurnee Smollett) She is the main focus of the play. She is a strong but emotionally damaged young lady. She is in a verbally abusive relationship with Choppa, he controls every move and step. She literally changes in her tracks when he is not around and becomes a very impressionable young lady. (Need Good Vocals)

Malik: (Mid to late 20’s African American man, lead role, comparison Darren Henson, Malik Yoba, Idris Elba, Derek Luke) He is a prominent young doctor and caregiver for Ms. Hattie. Very reserved and austere with his approach. He has a strong history with Desirae that shows life in some scenes. He is very religious and doesn’t mind sharing his love of God and Faith with any and everyone. He also has a side that is not to far from his peers.

Choppa: (Late 20’s to 30’s African American man, lead role, comparison actor Terrence Howard, Michael Kenneth Williams, Wood Harris, Hassan Johnson) He is a hardcore thug with no respect for anyone, he is very carefree and brolic. He handles Desirae like a puppet, he belittles her to build himself up. He is also not the brightest bulb in the box as well.

Cecil: (40+ African American man, lead role, comparison actor John Witherspoon, Reynaldo Ray, Don DC Curry) He is a hilarious drunk with a thousand ad libs to complete everyone sentences. He is the self imposed man in Hattie life, he has convinced himself that they are meant to be together. He turns down nothing but his collar.

Supporting Roles

Bootsie: (30’s African American man) Funny, pretends to be modern and hip as well as technical savvy. The family jester.

Olivia: (20’s Any Ethnicity woman) Desirae best friend and confidant. She is very supportive and outspoken. Well educated.

Funny Bone: (Any age African American man) Miss Hattie’s hustler of a nephew. Constantly selling and trying to make a quick buck. Also a natural comedian on accident.

Officer: (Any Ethnicity Any Age) Police officer investigating shooting and gang.

Passat: (Any Ethnicity Any Age Any Gender) Professional individual to deliver good news, must be professional and show a range of professionalism to excitement.

To be considered, email the following:

SUBJECT LINE: “Specific Character – Name of Your City” (or your submission will not be opened)
1. full name and stage name (if any) and age
2. preferred email address
3. contact phone number
brief overview of acting if available.

1. photo or headshot
2. performer resume

Audition Dates: March 21st
Pay Rate: Deferred (Discussed per character)
Electronic Submissions Only
Submissions Due By: 03/19/15

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Charlotte, NC
Please submit to: by 2015-03-20

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