Docu-series Casting Couples Entering Arranged Marriages

By | May 1, 2015


Are you entering an arranged marriage?

Looking for brides and grooms entering an ARRANGED MARRIAGE or getting married young! This is a docu-series for a major television production company.

If you are in an arranged marriage, planning to have your marriage arranged, or if you are getting married at a young age please e-mail Mandi at

Make sure to include your name, age, phone number, city, and a picture of yourself!

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One thought on “Docu-series Casting Couples Entering Arranged Marriages

  1. Charlie Brown

    I am married and from an East-Indian background. I am also N. American born. I really would like to bring to attention in your television show some of the hypocrisy in my East-Indian community. I have personally experienced this hypocrisy and not that I give a damn because I am happily married.
    Firstly, it is the both immediate families on both sides who make a decision for marriage which may included input from the extended families. Secondly, very often the decision is not made on love for each other but rather on wealth and influence. For example, a doctor should marry only a doctor or a wealthy person should only marry another wealthy person. They may disguise and sugar coat this fact to you to “save the appearances”. This is deeply routed in a backward based egoistic caste system.
    I am thankfully, being raised in a diverse western culture, a liberated human individual from this crap. I really think you should pose a probe this question to those “so-called” happy succesful marriages. Ask them if there was a convenience store cashier or a janitor that was a super sweet person how they would reject them because of their families or what they expect in lifestyle and watch them squirm to reply you! Makes for hot and spicy television because it’s the truth…


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