Indie Film “Live for Today” is Holding Auditions in Texas


“Live for Today”

Location: Texas

Type: Film

Lance – 22 years old, surfer type. Tragedy throughout his youth made him defiant, but he finds love and hope in Dawn.

Dawn – 22 years old, beautiful young woman. As the story progresses, she discovers the importance of life.

Joe – Early 40?s, Lance’s father. He tries to be a good father but he has a life threatening illness that limits his interactions with the family.

Timmy – 15 years old, Lance’s brother. Carefree young boy, but weak. He is severely depressed.

Beverly – Early 40?s, Lance’s mother. Beautiful and caring to Lance and Timmy. Has some trouble with alcoholism after the passing of her husband.

Coach – Dedicated and invested in the safety of Lance. He plays mentor to Lance after his father passes.

Jim – 25 years old, bully. Muscular and tan. He tries to compensate for his insecurities by bullying everyone.

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About the film:

A broken promise, takes gifted teenager down a suicidal path of self-destruction. When someone asks him about his future he says, “I live for today, there are no tomorrows for me.” Will the persistence of his coach help?

Can the love of a girl, and her secret, be enough to save him? Without faith there is no hope. Without hope there is no tomorrow. With faith anything is possible.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call:
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