MTV India is Casting A New Travel Show “He Ticket”


Auditions in India for New MTV India reality show

Discover the unexplored parts of India and indulge in adventure sports that you didn’t imagine existed in India.

MTV and He Deos present a new travel and adventure show called ‘He Ticket’ which is slated to go on air on the 9th May 2015 until the end of July. Each episode of this 10 episode series will see 3 contestants travel to a new place they are not aware of and then compete in a task. The winner of the task will get a chance to spend some time with their favourite MTV VJ and then go onto do an adventure sport that the place is known for. MTV VJ’s who would be associated with this show are Ranvijay, Jose, Bani, Nikhil to name a few.

We are looking at people who love traveling and are willing to take on adventures and explore the unexplored.

All you need to do is send us a video of about 2 minutes or less showing us what makes you INTERESTING enough for us to give you this golden chance.
Don’t ask us for references. We want to know your definition of the word ‘interesting’.

MTV India now casting show "He Ticket"

And please don’t send videos of you talking to the camera. DO something on camera, that would how us your personality.
Upload the video on youtube and email the link to

In the intro, you can incorporate the first three questions and the last question can be sent as a separate clip-

1. Can you talk to camera for 3 minutes and tell us 3 things that make you interesting or quirky? We know you love travel so don’t mention that.
2. Tell us the craziest thing that you have done and describe the experience?
3. If you are locked in an empty room for 24 hours, how will you use that time? You will not be given any books or diaries or any social media.
4. Can you pull a prank or show us an interesting ways that you can interact with unknown people? It could be in a restaurant, at a barber, a mall, wherever.

If you do not want to share it to my personal email, You can upload the link on YouTube. Title it as MTV HE Ticket Entry (his name) and share the link here-

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