“Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising” Casting Call for Very Featured Roles in Atlanta


Get Cast in “Neighbors 2” – The “Neighbors” sequel is now casting locals for small roles in the upcoming production.

Seth Rogen and Zac Efron are coming back for “Neighbors 2”.  Last summers raunchy hit comedy which cost $18 million to make and ended up raking in $268 million… is coming back with a new feud. “Neighbors 2“,  called Sorority Rising is beginning production around the Atlanta area and is looking for lots of college aged talent who would be available for possibly multiple days of filming this fall.

Neighbors 2” will be filming in Atlanta this fall, beginning in September and going into October. Casting directors for the project need talent, both male and female, ages 18 to 25. The project is especially interested in female talent to play college aged sorority girls and the casting notice promises some very featured roles.

Neighbors 2:  Sorority Rising” will star Chloë Grace Moretz, Rose Byrne, Zac Efron and Seth Rogen. Screenwriters of the original “Neighbors” movie, Andrew Jay Cohen and Brendan O’Brien are writing the sequel. While the original war against the frat boys may be over, in “Neighbors 2“,  a new threat emerges and the fight is back on. Seems sorority girls can be just as rowdy and parents Mac (Seth Rogan) and Kelly (Rose Byrne) have had enough.  Looking for help in restoring peace and quite in their neighborhood, Mac and Kelly reach out to their old nemesis, Teddy (Zac Efron).  Teddy is no longer a frat boy and is recruited by the couple to help them fight back against the sorority girls.

Entertainment site, Variety reports that director Nicholas Stoller (Neighbors, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him to the Greek)  is also on board for the “Neighbors” sequel. Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and James Weaver are named as the films producers with Andrew Jay Cohen, Brendan O’Brien, Good Universe’s Nathan Kahane and Joe Drake are serving as executive producer.  According to the film’s IMDB page, the project already has a release date of May 20, 2016.

casting call for Neighbors 2


Interested? Here is the casting call for “Neighbors 2“:

New project – Neighbors 2

Looking for college types — mostly females that will work multiple days starting first of September through mid to late October – some very featured – all generally 18 – 25 for all — and again guys and girls but several girls will work multiple days.

Email at least 2 recent photos, age, all clothing sizes and contact info to: neighbors2extras@gmail.com

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