New Casting for Sci-Fi Movie “Passengers” Starring Jennifer Lawrence in ATL

By | December 1, 2015

A new science fiction film is in production in Atlanta and looking for talent of all ethnicities in the area.

Hunger Games  star Jennifer Lawrence will star alongside  Guardians of the Galaxy (which, by the way, is filming the sequel) actor Chris Pratt for the film, “Passengers.”  The sci-fi feature is being described as a romance in space with Lawrence and Pratt playing 2 passengers on a spaceship that is carrying colonists to a distant planet.  The movie has a minimal cast because through most of it, everyone, well… almost everyone is asleep for the journey.  The planet the passengers are going to colonize is a lifetime away and everyone is being kept in stasis.

A malfunction in one of the sleeping pods causes one of the passengers to wake up early. Faced with the prospect of spending his entire life in space, alone, he decides to wake up another passenger and put her into the same predicament as him.  Chris Pratt plays Jim Preston. Jim eventually wakes up another passenger, Aurora, played by Jennifer Lawrence. Also in the cast are Michael Sheen who is supposedly playing  the only company they have, a robot butler and Laurence Fishburne who plays a colonel. “Passengers”  is set to hit movie theaters on December 21st 2016.

Casting call for "Passengers"

Atlanta area residents interested in a small, non-speaking role as one of the passengers may follow the instructions below to submit their photos and contact information to the casting directors.

CREW – You will be the only crew awake in the Movie

Seeking beautiful Men and Women
Asian, Hispanic, Indian, African and all the other I forgot!
30-65 years old
Must have fit and toned bodies
No visible tattoos

Shoot Rate: 64/8 + 15 Gas Bump
Fitting Rate: 16/2
Date: Jan 4th and 22nd
Must work both days.
Fitting Date: Dec 15th or 16th.

Shoot and Fitting Location: Fayetteville
Subject: CREW

Must be available for a fitting

Please email
Include 3 pictures (head, body and profile)
age, height, weight and all contact info

Please only apply if you live in or around the Atlanta area.

Also, be sure to check out .

extras wanted for Jennifer Lawrence movie "Passengers"

5 thoughts on “New Casting for Sci-Fi Movie “Passengers” Starring Jennifer Lawrence in ATL

    1. erica Post author

      You can apply directly to the casting directors in Atlanta using the email on the page. See the info towards the bottom of the listing.

  1. Lauren Collins

    I have a full resume and headshots/body shots if interested.

    My website listed above has all my headshots and body shots, as well as a small portion of my resume.

    Thanks so much for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you!

    Lauren Collins

  2. Corinna Browning

    I am very interested, please send me an email with more details, thank you!
    Corinna Browning

  3. Tiana Boykin

    I am interested. I am ready for showcase.


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