FOX Series “Empire” Open Casting Call in Chicago

By | November 12, 2015

Open casting call in Chicago, IL for FOX hit show “Empire”

Popular  TV series “Empire” is in production and will be hosting an open casting call today in the Chicago area.  The open call will be held at  Rialto Square Theatre. Talent interested in getting cast in a small, paying role can come down to  Rialto Square Theatre in Joliet between 11 AM and 4 PM to meet with casting directors. The show is looking for a variety of looks. See the casting notice below for the details.  Also, 4 Star Casting is seeking Chicago area kids who can rap and teens 16 to 19 for a concert scene filming next week.

Empire”,  is now filming the second season. Lee Daniels and Danny Strong (“Lee Daniels’ The Butler”) are back together again and this time on a television series. The FOX series is described as a sexy and powerful drama about the inner workings of a Hip Hop record label that is helmed by an Lucious (Terrence Howard ), a man with a not so clean past.  The family’s music empire will find itself in a power struggle over control when Lucius finds out that his health is deteriorating and he must now groom a successor. “Empire” also stars Taraji P. Henson,  Bryshere Gray,  Jussie Smollett and Gabourey Sidibe.


FOX Empire show casting paid TV extras

Interested talent can follow the below instructions to submit their info to the casting directors.


Date: Thursday, 11/12/15
Time: 11:00AM to 4:00PM
Location: Rialto Square Theatre @ 102 N Chicago St, Joliet, IL 60432

Please bring a 4×6 photo of yourself, and on the back of the photo, clearly write your full name, age, height, weight, phone number, email address and zip code.

4 Star Casting is looking to NEW people to work as extras in the television show, which films through February of 2016

4 Star Casting is looking for the following: Males/Females, All Ethnicity and Ages 18 – 65

  • People with a young, hip vibe, who are fashion forward
  • People with clean cut, sharp, polished appearance
  • People with hip hop/urban look
  • People with severe/unique/fun hairstyles – funky colors are a plus
  • People with severe/fierce/intimidating appearance – athletic or body builder a plus
  • People with business looks with corporate attire

Illinois residents are preferred. You will need a valid photo ID to be considered for work.

Kids who rap

Are you a kid who can rap? Like amazing awesome freestyle rap?

We are looking for african american kids who are 8-12 years old and have some serious skills.

We want to see your video! Send it to

Put your name, phone number, height, weight and age in the body of the email. Attach a recent video of you showing your skills. It does not have to be professional, you can take it on your phone!

Pass this along to any kids you think have the talent!

Teens 16 to 19 for concert scene

DATES: 11/12 TO 11/23

NOTE: On Wednesday, 11/18, we have a concert scene with Jamal, Tiana and Laura, and we are looking for teens in the audience, ages 16 – 19, female/male, and any ethnicity. You must have transportation to Joliet.

To be considered, you MUST also send in a submission email to with the following:
1) Subject Line: Empire Survey Photo 213
2) Name, age, height, weight, phone number, email address and zip code.
3) A recent photo of yourself in a jpeg format. No selfies. No sunglasses or hats. We need to see your face.

If we already contacted you about a booking, you do not need to fill out the survey for this episode.

Are you registered with us? If not, go to our website and follow the instructions to register with our company.


If we do not have your registration, you CAN NOT be considered.
This serves as an availability check – not a booking. If we are able to book you, it will be on the project we chose based on your responses.

There are 3 steps involved in working on the show:


Talent interested in the above listed roles and who would like to be considered for other open spots must also fill out the availability form set up by the casting directors.

Fox Empire TV show casting extras in Chicago

55 thoughts on “FOX Series “Empire” Open Casting Call in Chicago

  1. Nicole E. Holmes

    I am an up and coming comedienne who was born and raised in Chicago. I am a 44 year old black female with green/hazel eyes (who happens to be lesbian) and could easily play the role of Terrence Howards’ transgendered brother. I love the show and would be so honored to be a part of the Empire journey.

  2. Mary Dubose

    I love Empire and would like to work with the cast. Maid, Gardener, Grandmother or a lady of the night. Please contact me.
    Mary Dubose

  3. Maryah Sandidge

    I’m 18, looking for any open spots.

  4. Fiona Davis

    I need to be on this show because I love Hakeem so much. He is my favorite character on the Empire show.

  5. yolanda jordan

    My son who is 21 looks just like Terrance Howard.. Can play a young LUCIOUS …His dad also looks like him..

  6. Andre' Neal

    I have been acting for over half my life as well as a writer and singer. I’m chasing this dream and this would be the perfect opportunity for me. I recently finished two plays that broke box office sales as well as wrote new screenplays. I Have songs written and ready to go and I’m looking forward to working with the Empire Cast.

  7. Jamier Gee

    Hello All,

    I am a 21 year old college senior currently perusing a degree in Music Industry & Sound Recording. I am also a lyricist who has studio abilities that amaze many with my one take for perfectly laying down bars on tracks. I’ve performed music in front of large and small groups so I’m familiar with performing.

    I am interested in auditioning for a role on empire in any capacity that fits my abilities. If cast on the show I will give 100% to my role. Thank you for your consideration and I eagerly await your reply.

  8. Alfreda Collins

    Hello I’m Alfreda Collins. I wrote you guys on February 26, 2015 hoping to be chosen as an Extra on Empire Season 2. I have some good news while waiting for a response from you. On June 22, 2015 I responded to Spike Lee’s audition for a movie called Chi-Raq as a protester. June 24&25 they wanted me in Chicago. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it due to the timing and all. Well I prayed to God saying you know my dream is to be on Empire Season 2 but if the door is open for me to be in Chi-Raq I’ll take it. GOD is a good God. They text me on June 23 and said they cancelled the auditions from June 24&25 to June 29-July 1. On June 29 I started on my vacation and was able to go to Chicago and be in the movie Chi-Raq as a Extra protesting. I just wanted to share the good news to you. I believe and have faith I will be called as an Extra on Empire maybe a regular. I have submitted several e-mails showing my concern and interest wanting to appear on the show. God Bless.

    I’ll take Spike Lee’s offer at least it will be a start and I want this opportunity bad. GOD is a good God, they texted me on June 23, 2015 and said they cancelled the Chi-Raq audition from June 24&25 to June 29-July 1. I started my vacation on June 29 and ( I was able to go to Chicago and be in that movie Chi-Raq as protester (extra). I Know the Blessing don’t stop there I know I will be Blessed to play a part in Empire as an Extra or Regular. Right now you have to stay in Chicago to get a part as an Extra on Empire. I was texted and told later they will be picking people from other regions to be apart of the show Empire as Extras and I will be informed. I just wanted to share this news with you

  9. ali dantzler

    My name is aildantzler. I’m well fit 34 years old and looking like I’m 22. I love the show and would like to be apart of it. I live in n.y city. I’m a up incoming artist that got heat for the streets word, hit me when you get a chance, again I’m a good fit for empire.

  10. Tarlisha Mitchell

    Hello, I am 20 years olds. I live in Louisiana and I love to act. I just finished doing a play at Baton Rouge little theater and I feel as though becoming an extra on Empire would be an amazing experience for me.

  11. Joscelyn c

    I’m 12 and I love empire. I am so addicted, my favorite actor is Hakeem. I would love to bring this show and I am willing to do anything to be on Empire. All I want is to be on this show not for fame, bur for meeting the cast and working with them.

  12. maranda

    I am 12 years old and I can sing. I would love to be on Empire. I can be a niece, cousin, auntie, anything as long as I can sing. I would be extremely happy to get a part.

  13. Raquel Clark

    I am an upcoming actress working on my next role! I’m a huge fan of Empire! Watched every episode and I want to be apart of the cast. I can sing, dance, act, cook (recently opened a soul food restaurant in my hometown, Wichita, Ks), I am more than capable of being in the next Empire cast.

  14. Trejohn Clark

    Hi, I’m A young African American Man looking to be a Actual character but I am willing to be an extra on the empire cast. However, I would love to be a singer on the show ALTHOUGH I’m taking singing lessons so I can strengthen my weaknesses in singing. I have very good memory. I acted in church plays And I Was ALWAYS the first to Remember my lines. I also used to dance in the church and i learned a WHOLE dance within 2-3 hours of practicing the Day before our performance ( i was asked last minute to perform) and our performance was excellent. I may not the best But i Aim to be the best. i Absolutely love empire and would work as hard as i could to become apart of it! I have photos of myself at your request, just email me and you wont regret it.

  15. nyaira

    Hey I would really like to play on Empire. It could be a chance of a life time for me. It would be great to play on something that I love. I would really, really love to play on the show. I’m 16 and I love everyone’s work on FOX Empire, thank you and have a great day.

  16. Louise G. London

    Ready to rock any empire role. Email me and you wont regret it, photos available at your request, my skills and talent in role playing and acting will speak for itself.

  17. Shayla Jones

    Hello My Name Is Shayla Jones and I’m 10 years old. I am an awesome actor and my dream is to be the best female rapper. I’m from Detroit. I think I should play a lost girl on Empire. I love empire more than Disney channel and I’m a kid. I know all the characters. I even remembered luscious real name on empire its Dwight Walker. The season finale was deep and awesome, thanks Lee Daniels and Danny Strong. You guys are smart for thinking of a show like this. EMPIRE RULES

  18. kapri franklin

    I am 14, have a lot of experience with acting. I have been acting since I was in 6th grade. I like playing sports, singing, dancing and doing arts and crafts. I have brown hair and eyes. I am 5’4 and live on the east side of Pontiac MI. Career is becoming culinary arts major and acting major. I would love to have any open casting spots if available. If so, contact by email and keep me posted.

  19. Jada Scott

    Hello, my name is Jada Scott and I watch the show every Wednesday. I’m looking forward to next season and I’m hoping I could join you all. I’m 5’4 1/2, African American, Dark Brown. I love singing and I’m 16 years old. Will be 17 on July 21st. I auditioned for Disney back in 2012 and I got a call back but I didn’t have the money to proceed with my dream to be an actress at the time, now that I have the money and this opportunity is available, I hope and pray that you all help make my dreams come true.

  20. Neocean Brown

    Hello, I am 18 years young and I have beginner acting experience. I worked in a acting program at Columbia College University downtown in Chicago. I am 5’8 1/2 with brown eyes and black hair. I am from the south side of Chicago, IL. I am enthusiastic, diligent, and serious . Acting is what I love to do! I enjoy being in front of the public entertaining. I am perusing my career into becoming a law enforcer just so I can make the money to become an actress.

    Please Email me for any interviews or concerns.

  21. Tonise

    I’m 19 years old & I absolutely love the show Empire because I love music with a passion & enjoy singing & dancing. This is a great way of showing you what the industry does to you. I don’t look my age so I could honestly play any role. I really hope I get a chance at showing my acting skills because I would be a great choice. I’m very dramatic & emotional at times & I can portray almost any specific role. I tweeted the answer to the question on Lucious Real name on twitter twice. I just want you guys to really know I enjoy the work & would love to be apart of Empire if you just give me a chance, you won’t be disappointed .

  22. teunna

    Hi Empire, I would love to play a role because I really can sing but once you see how old I am, you would be surprised. I am only ten and would love to play Hakeem’s little girl or Jamal’s second girl. I am an amazing actress, please this would be the one chance. I would love to tell people my dream really came true.


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