New FOX TV Show is Casting Couples to Win a House on New Show “Home Free”

New FOX series “Home Free” is having auditions for couples in the Atlanta area

A new reality show will be giving 9 couples the chance to win a free home. The new reality competition will be hosted by Mike Holmes of the popular HGTV show “Holmes on Homes”  and produced by the folks behind “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition“.  The FOX show will be an 8 episode, hour long reality competition and will premiere this summer, July 22 2015.

The show is casting handy couples who are not currently homeowners. The prize for the couple who wins the show is huge… It’s a dream home that they will get mortgage free. The dream home will be yours if you can outlast and out design the other couples on the show

The challenge for the couples cast will be to renovate. Nine couples will be cast for the show and each couple will be challenged with renovating a run-down / fixer-upper, every week. house every week. Holmes will give the couples challenges that will test their DIY skills and ever week, a couple will be eliminated leaving the remaining couples 1 week closer to owning the home of their dreams.

Casting call for FOX Home Free

This is a reality competition and the house will not be the only challenge they face. The couples cast for the show will need to all live together in the same run down house they are all fixing up. Couples wanting a shot at their mortgage free dream house must be able to fully commit to 9 weeks of filming this summer. The show will be filming in the Atlanta area.

Ready to try out for the show and maybe even win the dream house? Read on.

CASTING COUPLES to WIN A HOUSE in Atlanta, GA, on new FOX series!

Fox is giving couples the chance to win their dream house in Home Free, an eight-episode hour long reality competition series set to premiere at 9 PM July 22. Mike Holmes, a professional contractor who created the HGTV series Holmes On Homes, will host Home Free from Relativity TV and executive producer Tom Forman (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition).

To qualify, cannot currently be homeowners. 9-week commitment required, full-time. APPLY TODAY! Casting ends soon! Email names/ages/photo and brief story to

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  1. Cynthia M Huffman

    My husband has been so busy taking care of me and we have been renting for 7 years and its not our home. My wish is to do something for my husband because of all his dedication to me.

  2. fotuosamoa Elizabeth Sou

    Well first of all… I like to pray for heavenly father God, to winning a home for my mom and my little brother. Everyday I’m be stressful for moving to another place. I feel sorry for my mom and my little brother. He told me I wish we had one home like everybody have… so I tried to call home free to help me. I put everything on God.. in name Jesus… Amen.

  3. Laurita Codrington

    Hello, don’t know how your show works to get the chance to get on but gonna ask anyway. I am a 61 year old woman living with my neice with her husband and three boys. And now one of my younger sisters has come to live with us after losing her home after an illness. In the one bathroom homes is getting a little bit over run, but were family so you make due. I use oxygen to help with my breathing after becoming sick and one of my lungs was damaged after my own illness. Anyway God has kept me here for a reason. Maybe it was to see your show. I am sure you have heard many stories but at this point it doesn’t hurt to ask for help from anyone. “Like they say it takes a village ” I’m from NJ by way of NY, by way of Alabama, and a how that can hold this family would be a blessing. So I WOULD love to find out what I must do to get on your show. So I will keep watching and hope to hear back from your show. Until then Thank you for reading my email and helping those in need, you never know where your blessing may come from.

  4. Reverend Jon Curtis Reeves

    I would love to be on this show with my beautiful wife Alysia to be able to win a home for my mother in law Lynda and my wife and I. My wife and I have been married for about ten years and have been through more in that short ten years that most couples that have been married for a lifetime. But through everything that has happened in our lives the one person that has always stood beside us and supported us has been my mother in-law. My mother in-law has brought herself to the point of living in a sub standard 480 sq ft, one bedroom apartment that her and my wife and our three service dogs currently share. Due to mistakes that I have made in the past I have been forcefully separated from my family. I am trying to juggle getting my own life together and supporting my family at the same time. I feel that the one person in my life that truly deserves a place that she can call home is my mother in law. I truly hope that we get the opportunity to be on the show. I feel that being on this show will show everyone that has had a difficult past that anything is possible.

  5. Shelia Mahoney

    I live in Anderson, SC and I would be ever so grateful for the chance to be on Homefree. I am very handy with and actually love tools and power tools. My ex husband put me out after I became unable to work even though I basically built the decks and poured the concrete pad for our front walk. I’m a hard worker and even though I’ve never owned my own home. I would love to for once in my life know what it’s like to own my own HOME?
    I just hope that I’m able to get picked for the season of 2017. I love the show so very much.
    Thank you so much.
    Shelia Mahoney

  6. Alesia

    Hi, my name is alesia and I live in Alabama. I am a stage 3 breast cancer patient. I have never owned my own home and now don’t look like I ever will. I have more going on but don’t care to talk about it .. So if you are ever in my state, I hope and pray to be one of your winner’s …..God bless

  7. Nancy Meier

    I know a young man who donated bone marrow for a 4 year old, and it went so well she has just started college. This was a total stranger. This story has changed the life of everyone that hears it. He is married with 2 kids. And they are looking for a fixer upper in south east Denver area. They are renting. He is a quiet type and just thinks this was a must do thing in his life. He is my son in law & A HERO.

  8. Anna lisenby

    We have lost everything in the lousiana/Texas flood we are praying and stuggling to get back in our house … In need of some help ! 😉

  9. Darryl Wallace

    My fiance’e and I need help with the house that her mom had left us; after she passed away in April 2016. The house is old and needs tremendous repairs and renovations. We would be ever so grateful for an opportunity on the reality show Home Free.

  10. Carolyn Brewington

    I’m a mom of 2 girls, 3 grand kids, we live in a row home in Philadelphia. Been residing here for 25 years, renting my mother’s home for 25 years and have never owned a home of our own. It would be such s blessing to have a home to call ours, with the kids and grands there is not enough room. We are growing out of this 3 bedroom row home, we all work and need a home of your own with room to stretch out in instead of living in clutter. Please get us a chance to be happy and have a home to call our own. We have to wash clothes is the kitchen, we have no basement, we share the basement with my brother’s car and my sister’s storage. We had an explosion and lost everything but we were blessed to have our lives. The contractor ripped us off and never finished the work in my mother’s house. We are living in an unsafe house but we have no other choice, because we can not afford to buy a home that is safe to live in. Please pick my story for the next free home on your show.

  11. Faedra Johnson

    Love this show and the excitement. If you ever decide to do a show in NEW MEXICO. Please consider my husband and I. We are a preacher and wife family with a great story to share. It’s really personal so if selected I will share but not in this post. Thanks for your time. God bless and hope to hear from u or someone soon. Thanks for your time.

  12. Taneya S. Leigh

    I would love the chance to win a house for my family to have somewhere to call home. I am a mother with six children and 1 grandchild and I would love the opportunity to have a home to call home. Where my children can have a place to feel relaxed and comfortable and know that this is where we belong. I have struggled for so many years as a single mom. As I try to stay a float I sometimes start to doubt myself as if I will never accomplish something significant in life where my children can look at me and say my mom did it. I just really feel stuck in life. I want a change for the betterment of my children and myself.

  13. jamilla mells

    I would like to be on this show because I want to be able to win my mom as well as my family a new home. I am an 18 year old mother of an 11 month old and my name is Jamilla. I have 2 sisters. The youngest is disabled. Being that I know that my mother is going Through a lot with my youngest sister who has disability, I think this would be a great opportunity. My youngest sister has dandy walker syndrome. Which causes developmental delays and brain malfunctions and also seizures. Princess also suffers with separation anxiety. My sister is now 9 months and still has the motive skills of a 2 month old infant. My sister’s name is princess. I would really like the opportunity to be on this show so that I am able to make my family proud.

  14. Carolyn Baylor

    I love this show and wish to have the opportunity to be on the show.

  15. Tiana Boykin

    I really would enjoy winning a house for my five kids. I am 28. I have four boys, one girl. Me and the father have been together for nine years and we would enjoy the challenge of seeing the biggest smile on their face, they always say we want a house ma……but I know god is real and dreams come true. I stay in morrow Ga.

  16. crystal mayhew

    I would just love to have a once in a lifetime, chance to compete for a shot to be in the most awesome show of the year 2015. Yes, I can be ready anytime for as long as needed and me and my husband are in the home remodeling. I have an 11 month old baby girl. We are both 37 years old my husband is Choctaw Indian and my daughter too. We are form OKC Oklahoma and we are in need of a house to live and grow. The rent down here is killing us, please help us, FOX TV HOME FREE.

  17. Bill

    If you ever do a show in charleston sc or Baltimore md – please let me know. We have a warm story and wonderful family that is well deserving of a chance to work with you. Hope to hear from you soon.

  18. kelly

    Would love to be a luck person and to be on your show.

  19. Amanda Willman

    My fiancee and I are looking for any opportunity possible to work for a home or even work for an opportunity to better our life for us and our children.

  20. Gloria Mccormakc

    Hello, I am in the middle of writing novels I wish to covert to movies. However I do not know how to write in script format for the producers to read. It’s a shame, not bragging on my own work, I am an ex-model w/ seizures which are under control but I have never learned how to transform my writing into script format. Then there are these query letters I ear that have to be attached to my script to explain it in a few words, basically is what that all boils down to. I am writing two novels I need to have scripted for film. first is an action/romance, lot’s of action. Second is a simi-horror, of a man who chooses an online dating company to date and abuse women, and on these dates, if it can go wrong, it does. I just have work to do, need the right person who wants to make some money, I am not a secretary, I have the ideas and can say it, I just can’t put it on paper properly for producers to approve, and it’s such a shame to be rejected. Not JUST BECAUSE OF MY LACK OF SECRETARY SKILLS, BECAUSE I HAD EPELEPSEY. Isn’t there someone out there who can help me. I have 100,’s of idea’s just popping out of me.

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