New Home Renovation Show Casting Builders & Designers Nationwide

NEW Home Renovation Show

Location: Nationwide

Type: Reality TV


A-type personality, telegenic EXPERTS to be the main cast on a new home design show.

This is a SKILL BASED BUILD show that will require all main cast members to actively participate in design and home makeover.

-Builder, Designer or Architect, 25-45ish who is not afraid to jump in and actually do the work.

-Interior Designer, 25-45ish. Accomplished and published. Big personality, telegenic.

-Furniture Designer/Builder. highly skilled, willing to work with homeowners to bring a style they’d appreciate.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: Alicia Good, Damn Good Casting, Casting Director

Nationwide casting call for home renovation experts

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  1. jimmy dellesio

    I have been designing and building restaurants, custom homes, concrete pools, ponds, custom fireplaces. I built over three hundred restaurants and I have worked for danny aeillo, justin tuck, steven seagal andjulius nasso.
    I am a master carpenter and plasterer. I sculpture waterfalls out of fish. I carve and make furniture. I have some experience with pilot and sizzle work. I i produce movies and music. I have a 24 piece orchestra. I am a surreal artist and am preparing a gallery in nyc.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time
    always all the best

    jimmy dellesio

  2. Julia Benn

    I am a published Interior Designer/ Photographer. Formerly owned an interior design studio and art gallery in Barbados. At present. I am one of the faces of the Barbados Tourism Authority’s ‘Welcome To My Home’ advertising campaign displayed at the Barbados international airport and seaport. I have been actively pursuing the interior design field since the 1990’s. With a background in art, photography, dance and calligraphy, this work is indeed my passion. I consider myself a child of the Arts. I naturally inherited creative genes, as I am the daughter of the first Cultural Ambassador of Barbados, Caribbean Cultural Icon, Dr. Anthony ‘Mighty Gabby’ Carter.

  3. James

    NEED HELP! In Alaska. This could be the show of the year. 2 story with two bedroom home on top of commercial business, 2400 sq feet, 1200 up 1200 down. Challenges include, main floor concrete, was dug under the floor, to much weight, floor cracked and is suspended, new boiler, winter insulation– rule 2″ inside 4″ outside, insulation, vapor barrier, 2×6 construction inside top and bottom with flex wiring bottom commercial, romex up top. Install wiring, plumbing, heating, windows, doors, floors and balcony, (cooling? Outside all new siding with external plugs for below -30 degrees. All construction needs to be weather compliant with winters at extreme -50 to -60. I have completed tear out and ground floor support using Tiger JACK’S of all sizes, 6″ x 6″ X 6′, 8″ x 8″x 20′. All done by a 62 year old man working alone.

    We work hard for what we want, no food stamps, no assistance, no sitting around crying about what we do not have, just honest hard working odd couple that could use some help.

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